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Vaccinations Used to Deliberately & Systematically Depopulate Earth Since 1918

By Carla B.

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The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 was caused by Vaccinations ✔

Measles is back in the US – and it’s spreading, or so they say. According to the Center of Disease Control, the United States is currently experiencing a large, multi-state outbreak of measles, which was first linked back in December 2014 to Disneyland, The Happiest Place On Earth…?”

“Measles is a highly contagious disease. It can be serious for your young children. Protect your children by making sure they get the MMR vaccine,” the site notes.

Fact: all medical and non-medical authorities on vaccination agree that vaccines are designed to cause a mild case of the diseases they are supposed to prevent. But they also admit that there is no way whatsoever to predict whether the case will be mild or severe – even deadly. With this much uncertainty in dealing with the very lives of people, it is extremely dangerous to use such a questionable procedure as vaccinations.

Image credit: iStockPhoto

Interestingly, many vaccines also cause other diseases besides the one for which they are given. For instance, smallpox vaccine often causes syphilis, paralysis, leprosy, and cancer. Polio shots, diphtheria toxin-antitoxin, typhoid vaccine, as well as measles, tetanus and all other shots often cause various other stages of disease such as post-vaccinal encephalitis (inflammation of the brain,) paralysis, spinal meningitis, blindness, cancer (sometimes within two years,) tuberculosis, (two to twenty years after the shot,) arthritis, kidney disease, heart disease (heart failure sometimes within minutes after the shot and sometimes several hours later.) Nerve damage and many other serious conditions also follow the injections.

When several shots are given (different vaccines) within a few days or a few weeks apart, they often trigger intensified cases of all the diseases at once, because the body cannot handle such a large amount of deadly poison being injected directly into the bloodstream. The doctors call it a new disease and proceed to suppress the symptoms. Caught Freezing Petition Page Against Mandatory Vaccines

Shockingly, when poison is taken by the mouth, the internal defense system has a chance to quickly eject some of it by vomiting, but when the poisons are shot directly into the body, bypassing all the natural safeguards, these dangerous poisons circulate immediately throughout the entire body in a matter of seconds and keep on circulating until all the cells are poisoned.

Ok, I get it. Vaccinating our children, without question is what most Americans have been brainwashed to do for ions. My issue is with Obamacare. Period.

Obama’s “healthcare reform” is not only attempting to strong arm parents into vaccinating their children, but also mandating insurance providers to conform to federal “guidelines.” And if parents do not agree to the vaccinations of their most beloved,  they will be refused any coverage or insurance at all, forcing them into paying the yearly increasing fines, possible bank account seizures and property liens over time!

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So you see folks, it’s either get stuck with the needle and pay the insurance providers high premiums for the right to destroy your health and mind or become, dare I say, a criminal…??!

I guess that makes the decision on whether to go along with the MMR Vaccine pretty easy, eh? [shrugs] Either way, over time it’s a bad look…for us all.

There is no difference between the actions taken by terrorists and the bearings taken by this administration. Terrorizing American citizens into being infected with its “new and improved” measles vaccines is not American.

Fear mongering, plain and simple.

The World Health Organization and Obama are bombarding the United States public with predictions to the effect that millions will die unless we all are vaccinated. This is terrorism – a systematic use as a means of coercion. These such actions are used as leverage… to force the victim to act in the desired way. Coercion in many occasions, is the actual infliction of physical pain/injury or psychological harm in order to enhance the credibility of a threat! Moreover the threat of further harm may lead to the cooperation or obedience of the person being coerced.

Our government is using fear tactics to coerce the population to submit to being vaccinated against a virus that has killed only a fraction of the number of people with the virus. In  3-4 million cases, only about 450 people died each year from it in the years before the vaccine.

Instead of running out to make sure your vaccinations are up to date, how about a shot of perspective instead?

In the screen shot below, I have figured out the percentage of people who died from measles of all of the measles cases back then.  0.015%. Suddenly, measles seems a little less scary doesn’t it? The CDC claims that around 1 or 2 out of a thousand people who get measles will die from measles. Their math doesn’t add up.

728 x 90 Oransi Branding Banner
Let’s talk about profit — and the billion dollar a year healthcare industry –

In researching vaccinations in America I discovered that seven men dropped dead in a doctor’s office after being vaccinated in 1917/1918. This was in an army camp, so I wrote to the Government for verification. They sent me the report of U.S. Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson. The report not only verified the report of the seven who dropped dead from the vaccines, but it stated that there had been 63 deaths and 28,585 cases of hepatitis as a direct result of the yellow fever vaccine during only 6 months of the war. That was only one of the 14 to 25 shots given the soldiers. We can imagine the damage that all these shots did to the men. (See the book, “What Vaccinations Did to Our Soldiers.”)

The first World War was of a short duration, so the vaccine makers were unable to use up all their vaccines. As they were (and still are) in business for profit, they decided to sell it to the rest of the population. So they drummed up the largest vaccination campaign in U.S. history. There were no epidemics to justify it so they used other tricks. Their propaganda claimed the soldiers were coming home from foreign countries with all kinds of diseases and that everyone must have all the shots on the market. Sound familiar?

The people believed them because, first of all, they wanted to believe their doctors, and second, the returning soldiers certainly had been sick. They didn’t know it was from doctor-made vaccine diseases, as the army doctors did not divulge this type of info. Many of the returned soldiers were disabled for life by these drug-induced diseases. Many were insane from postvaccinal encephalitis, but the doctors called it shell shock, even though many had never left American soil.

The conglomerate disease brought on by the many poison vaccines baffled the doctors, as they never had a vaccination spree before which used so many different vaccines. The new disease they had created had symptoms of all the diseases they had injected into the men. There was the high fever, extreme weakness, abdominal rash and intestinal disturbance characteristic of typhoid. The diphtheria vaccine caused lung congestion, chills and fever, swollen, sore throat clogged with the false membrane, and the choking suffocation because of difficulty in breathing followed by gasping and death, after which the body turned black from stagnant blood that had been deprived of oxygen in the suffocation stages. In early days they called it Black Death. The other vaccines cause their own reactions — paralysis, brain damage, lockjaw, etc.

When doctors had tried to suppress the symptoms of the typhoid with a stronger vaccine, it caused a worse form of typhoid which they named paratyphoid. But when they concocted a stronger and more dangerous vaccine to suppress that one, they created an even worse disease which they didn’t have a name for. What should they call it? They didn’t want to tell the people what it really was — their own Frankenstein monster which they had created with their vaccines and suppressive medicines. They wanted to direct the blame away from themselves, so they called it Spanish Influenza. It was certainly not of Spanish origin, and the Spanish people resented the implication that the world-wide scourge of that day should be blamed on them. But the name stuck and American medical doctors and vaccine makers were not suspected of the crime of this widespread devastation — the 1918 Flu Epidemic.

Some of the soldiers may have been in Spain before coming home, but their diseases originated in their own home-based U.S. Army Camps. Our medical men still use that same dodge. When their own vaccines (required for travel) cause vaccine diseases abroad they use this as grounds for a scare campaign to stampede people into the vaccination centers. Do you remember the Hong Kong Flu and the Asian Flu and the London Flu scares? These were all medically-made epidemics mixed with the usual common colds which people have every year. It is only in recent years that researchers have been digging up the facts and laying the blame where it belongs. All this is in public records, by the way. I encourage you to do your due diligence before deciding to go along with these new vaccinations in America.

In 1976 it all started again,  people were worked on again by the vaccine epidemic makers in their effort to force another multi million dollar vaccine sale caper. Their con men talked President Ford into handing over $135 million dollars to start their vaccine racket. Even the insurance companies refused to become involved with such an obviously dangerous and crooked scheme. So, again the medical and drug con men induced the appropriate government officials to guarantee insurance against the, possible billions of dollars in law suits which could be brought against the vaccine promoters if the vaccine campaign was carried out as planned.

Now, years later we aren’t any better off with Obama at the helms. Instead of him being held  in the grip of the medical and drug dictatorship, he is quite possibly, the puppet master.

The statement of the measles vaccine promoters to the effect that vaccines are harmless is an all out lie.

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Their scare-head campaign cry is that this new strain can become a pandemic and spread like the 1918 flu which killed 20,000,000 people. This is unfounded. They cannot prove it. However, one thing is certain — the 1918 Spanish Influenza was a vaccine-induced disease caused by extreme body poisoning from the conglomeration of many different vaccines. The soldiers at Fort Dix who were said to have had Swine Flu had been injected with a large variety of vaccines like the vaccines which caused the 1918 flu epidemic.

In my opinion there will be no measles epidemic/pandemic unless the vaccine promoters and the elite creates one. It will not kill 20,000,000 people unless the people submit to the disease-producing shots. (You have been warned)

Do you oppose forced vaccinations? Sound off by signing the petition to prohibit any laws mandating the force and requirement of vaccinations of any kind.

No human being should be FORCED to be vaccinated against their will and/or personal/religious beliefs. I petition against making vaccinations of any kind mandatory. This includes forcing children to be vaccinated to attend public schools, activities, and daycare centers. This also includes adults working in the public or private sector.

Click Image To Sign Petition & be redirected to Whitehouse.Gov


Obama Administration shuts ears to Netanyahu speech, Shuns Israel

Genesis 12:3 – I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

The shunning of the Nation of Israel is becoming more and more evident to the World. Not only did the entire Obama Administration refuse to be present for the Benjamin Netanyahu Speech but according to reports even President Obama was too busy to attend but major American broadcast networks also declined to carry live Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday, and early reaction to the speech in Hollywood seemed to signal a growing disenchantment with the Obama administration foreign policy, particularly the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran. Democrats when on to fully give their opinion as Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) decried the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech as ‘condescending’ and was offended that Netanyahu was ‘telling us how to operate.’ He even invoked the name of Dick Cheney, “This is right out of the Dick Cheney playbook” and bluntly told the prime minister, “He can go home.” Read the entire article here.



Grammy-Nominated Brownstone Singer Charmayne Maxwell Dies at 46

Published by EOTM News Editor on March 2nd, 2015 - in Breaking News, Celebrity Deaths

Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell, a member of the ’90s girl group Brownstone has died. She was 46. Her brother Brandon Maxwell confirmed the news on Twitter.

Charmayne Maxwell - Image credit: Margaret Norton/NBC/Getty

“Bad things happened to the most innocent people,” he continued on Twitter. “My sister died in the most terrible way, and I’m in so much pain right now.”

He also took to Instagram to mourn his sibling. “R.I.P to my beautiful sister Charmayne ‘Maxee’ Maxwell,” he wrote, alongside a stunning photo of the late songstress. “I’m so devasted because you deserved to stay on this earth much longer. You had such an amazing talent and you went really far with your singing career. I felt so inspired from you and it gave me motivation to become the best performer I could be. I love you so much sis, I’m so grateful I was able to have you in my life.”

The details of her death are bizarre to say the least. The singer died on Friday after falling on a shattered wine glass and cutting her throat. She was found in her Los Angeles home by her husband, producer Carsten “Soulshock” Schack, sometime after the fatal fall. He called 911 and she was rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital where she died from her wounds, according to the LA Times.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Maxee’s family and friends in their time of need.

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Share Caught Freezing Petition Page Against Mandatory Vaccines

(NaturalNews) — A petition calling for the prohibition of laws requiring mandatory vaccines has been throttled by the White House, buried from public view and finally frozen for over 36 hours to prevent the petition from achieving 100,000 signatures, Natural News can now reveal.

The petition, which was rapidly headed toward the 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a response from the White House, was frozen mid-day Friday and has remained stuck at 56,791 signatures for over 36 hours.


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The petition reads:

No human being should be FORCED to be vaccinated against their will and/or personal/religious beliefs. I petition against making vaccinations of any kind mandatory. This includes forcing children to be vaccinated to attend public schools, activities, and daycare centers. This also includes adults working in the public or private sector.

The petition still allows people to sign it, and it still sends a confirmation email that claims your signature counts. But the numbers on the petition website never change, no matter how many people sign it.

Petition signatures systematically ignored
As the following screen shot shows, the petition confirmation page claims, “Your signature has been verified and counted.”

But in reality, your signature doesn’t count at all, and the signatures number on the petition page stays frozen:

Throttled to a maximum of 100 per hour before being frozen

Before the petition was frozen by the White House to prevent it from reaching 100,000 signatures, it was throttled to allow a maximum of 100 signatures per hour.

Dr. Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation has been monitoring the petition’s numbers for several days. “Counsel Ralph Fucetola, JD, and I were tracking the number of signatures for the petition on our Skype chat and I noted something rather strange: there were many hours when the number increasing on the petition was exactly, EXACTLY, 100,” she told Natural News.

“We realized that although it is really important in this debate to get to the 100,000 signature threshold on this petition, the system was gamed, making it harder than it should be. We knew that if we did not reach that number, the White House juggernaught would claim that only a tiny fraction of Americans were against Mandatory Adult Vaccines and would use that against us.”

“…the White House Petition Site programming is not recording signatures on a petition it disagrees with,” Dr. Laibow concludes in a breaking news warning published at her website. buried the petition to try to hide it from the public

Even before the throttling and the freezing of the petition numbers, the White House went to great lengths to bury the petition and make sure it could not be easily found by the public.

Unlike other petitions which are easily found at, the petition opposing vaccine mandates was deliberately hidden from view and could only be accessed if someone knew the direct URL.

On YouTube, this is equivalent to setting a video to “unlisted” status to prevent the public from finding it.

To help people find the petition, Rima Laibow set up a new link that directs people to the correct petition URL:

A pattern of systematic deceit by vaccine pushers

This fraudulent attempt by the White House to suppress this petition and prevent it from reaching 100,000 signatures is part of an extraordinary pattern of lying and deceit on the part of today’s medical extremists who demand all people be injected with vaccines, even against their wishes and in blatant violation of the American Medical Association’s code of ethics.

The vaccine industry, we have all observed, is willing to do anything it takes to prevent the public from learning real facts about vaccines or even achieving success with an online petition that calls for the protection of medical choice for mothers and their children.

USA Today, the same publication that ran an article authored by a mentally deranged vaccine fanatic who called for the arrest and imprisonment of “anti-vaxxers,” recently conducted an online survey that asked Americans whether they support the arrest and imprisonment of people who rejected vaccines. The results of that survey reveal that 92% of Americans support vaccine choice and reject government coercion for forced vaccinations.

Jail parents who opt out: 2%
It’s a choice: 92%
Fine parents who opt out: 5%
Inform parents vs. jail: 2%

Only 2% support government coercion against parents who choose to avoid toxic vaccines. Public support for laws prohibiting forced vaccination policies is remarkably high; far higher than public support for President Obama himself.

So in an attempt to destroy the perception that the public strongly opposes the government coercion of medical choice (also called “medical fascism”), the White House has now gone to extraordinary lengths to suppress the online petition that calls for fundamental human rights and medical choice.

This pattern of deceit and coercion is far larger than the White House alone. It includes:

• The CDC’s deliberate burying of scientific data linking vaccines to autism (as confessed by the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson).

• The mainstream media’s blatantly one-sided media coverage of vaccines, where no scientific questions about vaccines are ever allowed to be aired, and any doctor who asks an intelligent question about vaccine ingredients, vaccine safety or vaccination schedules is verbally assaulted with the derogatory, intellectually-bigoted label of “ANTI-SCIENCE!”

• The ongoing delusion of “mercury denialism” where even the Associated Press publishes articles that falsely claim mercury has been “phased out” of all vaccines even though the CDC confirms mercury, MSG, formaldehyde and aluminum are still used in vaccines.

• The Disneyland measles hoax, where the CDC knows full well that the viral strain of measles found in MMR vaccines is different from the strain of measles that has spread among children. The genetics don’t match, which means the MMR vaccine would have done little or nothing to stop the outbreak in the first place.

• The complete suppression of true stories of vaccine-damaged children who have suffered severe neurological harm, painful skin disorders, comas and even death due to vaccines. See horrifying photoshere of just some of the children who are being medically mutilated by the very same vaccines that government authorities tell us are “safe.”• The widespread refusal of the FDA to acknowledge the truth that it does not test vaccines for safety or efficacy and instead relies entirely on Big Pharma’s own self-funded studies to “prove” vaccines work. But those studies have been faked, say the industry’s own scientists, who describe how animal antibodieswere used to spike human blood samples in order to defraud the FDA and keep selling vaccines that do not work.• The publication of a medical extremism article in USA Todaywhich openly called for the government to arrest and imprison so-called “anti-vaxxers.” This article, like nearly all articles on vaccines that appear in the mainstream media, was written by a mentally ill vaccine fanatic with a bizarre desire to incarcerate informed vaccine skeptics who raise intelligent, rational questions about vaccine safety and immunization scheduling. USA Today has no problem giving a platform to mentally ill vaccine fanatics as long as they keep calling for more vaccines.

TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition and watch how your vote doesn’t count at the White House

Want to sign the petition and see the petition fraud for yourself?

Click here to sign the petition and notice how the number of signatures doesn’t budge even after you sign it.

Or, possibly, will reactivate the petition after being caught red-handed and exposed by this story, but they will still throttle the petition to make sure it never quite reaches the 100,000 threshold.

This petition fraud, of course, perfectly mirrors every fraudulent tactic of the vaccine industrywhich is utterly incapable of any behavior at all that resembles ethics or honesty. Every layer of the vaccine fraud now being perpetrated upon the American public is steeped in deceit, fabrication and fraud.Read more via now.

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Chicago Fema Camp Fully Operational, Report

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(BeforeItsNews) — Countless of brave and selfless reporters risk their lives on a daily basis to bring the public the news on how we are our systematically losing our freedoms as we rush headlong into a police state unlike what the world has ever seen. This is a dangerous profession, just ask the families of Hastings, Breitbart and Clancy. And what are we all risking our lives for? Are we are risking our lives trying to save people who would rather watch the NFL than stand up to the tyranny that this destroying their country and ultimately their family?

If the reporters from the Guardian and Infowars who uncovered the following information were not risking their lives to bring the public this information, then who would stand at the gate? And what did these brave reporters risk their lives for?

I Do Not Recognize America

America has lost her soul because it has lost Jesus. As a result, America has lost her sense of morality. Our nation has but a few who possess true courage! As a people. we stand for nothing. We accept tyranny as if it is normal and that is the way that it is supposed to be. When CIA rendition camps are exposed in the news, the public does not pay attention as they fast forward the DVR to the weather and the sports. And now that these same camps have come to roost on American soil and are run by local law enforcement, Americans collectively turn the page and pretend it does not matter. Only this time, it is Americans that are being tortured, not foreign terrorists.

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What did we Americans think was going to happen when we allowed DHS to militarize the police under Program 1033? If we allow the Federal government, in the name of the CIA, to torture suspects, how long did we think it is going to be until the militarization of the police would lead to the same thing at the local level. America? That day has arrived as we have the Gestapo,in the form of local police running concentration camps inside of our cities.

Police Torture Center In Chicago

With regard to law enforcement in Chicago, we are acquiescing in the face of tyranny. We are accepting thuggery and the existence of torture programs which are supported and funded by our locally elected leaders. For those of you that do not think that FEMA camps are not real, you may want to pay close attention to the rest of the contents of this article. To those who are blinded by cognitive dissonance, we have operation FEMA camps torturing and killing Americans today. The proof resides in the following paragraphs.

In an investigative report, The Guardian boldly alleges that rogue units of the Chicago Police Department maintains a secret interrogation compound in Homan Square. Citizens have accused the Chicago police of having subjected Americans to rendition. Victims are unable to be found by family or attorneys while undergoing enhanced interrogation similar to the CIA.

Take the case of Brian Church. He was not processed and shackled to a bench for a day. Nobody knew where he was at and he was not allowed to speak with anyone. However, Brian was luckier than many, he came out alive.

Of course, the police deny all claims. However, if the Chicago police are innocent of the charges, then why did the harass Infowars reporter, Joe Biggs, for attempting to investigate the alleged scene of illegal detention and torture?

In the following two videos, Infowars reporter Joe Biggs, describes  how he was harassed by Chicago undercover police and kicked off of a public sidewalk outside of a secret black torture site in Chicago. If the police have nothing to hide, then they should have opened the doors of this alleged “black site” and allowed Mr. Biggs the right to investigate the allegations with the full cooperation of the police. Secondly, Biggs summarizes his findings with regard to this facility. A tip of the hat to Mr. Biggs and the Infowars team for some very “gutsy” reporting. I just cannot help wondering if this kind of quality reporting isn’t wasted on a soulless nation of sheep who will likely deny the content of the reports because it is easier to stay in denial than it to actually do something.

Stunning Revelations by Alex Jones

If you fit the definition of a sheep, you may not want to watch this stunning and informative report prepared by Alex Jones and Infowars because the following 13 minute video clip contains court documents which shows that the Chicago PD denies due process, tortures subjects and suspects and prisoners have died while inside of the Homan FEMA camp facility. Alex’s report is not for the faint of heart. Do you realize that, like so many other people in the Independent Media, that Alex Jones and Joe Biggs are risking their lives to bring you this information. America owes them the respect of watching every minute of their report. Then you need to ask yourself why you are not doing anything about this?

The fact that this is out in the open with irrefutable proof, makes it impossible to deny the truth. Gone are days the days when the brave colonists at Lexington and Concord would oppose a superior military force. Gone are the days when the defenders of the Alamo fought to the last man in defense of their liberty. Gone are the days when young college students would be dragged off to jail as they protesting an illegal war in Vietnam. If Americans do nothing, then they are accomplices to this tyranny. If you are unwilling to stand up to the Chicago PD and all like them, then you may as well as dawn Swastika armbands because you are a thug through acquiesence. For those of you who are reading these words, have watched the evidence be presented and you continue to do nothing, you are a willing accomplice to torture and murder.

It has always been the policy to not be drawn into posture of advocating violence. But that does not mean that we should not act. And like the Nazis, the KGB and the Stasi, if they start coming to our homes to drag us to these facilities, then the prohibition to violence will be lifted.
The Public Has Options

One does not have to be a man’s man to confront the beginning of the use of the NDAA. Even a sissy can become an activist. Even the 98 pound weakling has viable alternatives. First, they can unelect all incumbents and subsequently fire the Chicago Police Chief. Secondly. Chicago activists can keep this site under surveillance and videotape all who enter and leave. But if we do not have the guts to stand up to this tyranny, then we can at least protest passively and in a manner that will exact a cost against the thugs running the city of Chicago.

Nationally, the public can boycott Chicago. Yes, that’s right. If you are planning a trip to Chicago cancel your trip. Even a sissy can do that. Even a sissy can write a letter and not travel to Chicago.
Chicago Tourism

I am not proposing that that boycotting Chicago is the final answer to their police department operating FEMA camp.However, I am pointing out that even the weak in body and mind can do something to oppose this tyranny. Please allow me to provide you with an example.

The public can be outraged all day long. Until the Chicago officials are made to feel the heat, they have no motivation to change. The opportunity to have an impact on Chicago tourism is great. If the traveling public stayed away and made their reasons known, the merchants would be screaming at city government to do something. The public holds all the cards.
Chicago Tourism: 2013 VISITOR VOLUME

The Chicago tourism industry is flourishing and is a mainstay source of support for the people and businesses of Chicago.

Total visitation in 2013 was 48.48 million, an increase of 4.2% over the previous record of 46.51 million, achieved in 2012.

Domestic visitation in 2013 was a record 46.96 million, an increase of 4.4% over 2012 levels.

Overseas visitation for 2013 achieved a record 1.378 million, a gain of 0.7% over 2012 levels.
A plan so simple and risk free that even a sissy can do it. And when does something like this, they are no longer a sissy because they have done something.

Turn’em In

There is one more thing to consider. We have a civic duty to report criminal behavior. To report these despotic actions on the part of the Chicago Police Department, we can all report this gang activity to the following phone number: Gang Hotline Telephone:312.746.GANG (312.746.4264) ; TTY: 312.746.4276. In other words, you can even put their tyranny back in their face.

This is activism for sissies, yet it could be effective if we made it our mission to punish Chicago for this thuggery. Write one letter, make one phone call and encourage others to boycott Chicago. How hard is that? One doesn’t have to have courage to do that!

Read more via now.


Alarming Numbers of Baby Sea Lions dying off California coast: Fukushima Fallout

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“Groundbreaking” study reveals Fukushima nuclear waste is poisoning wildlife: Up to 99% of offspring died after eating ‘low-level’ contaminated food — “Very high” abnormality rates including “severe and rare” deformities

Over 15,000 baby sea lions may have died off California coast due to Fukushima — “Marine biologists warn it could deplete an entire generation.”

Whats been reported via mainstream media:

LA Times, Feb 12, 2015 (emphasis added): [A] record number of sea lions [have] been rescued in recent weeks. “One hundred and two California sea lions in the last 10 days,” a spokeswoman for the [Marine Mammal Center] said… The influx is unprecedented

Fukushima Fallout WORLDWIDE











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National Geographic, Feb 12, 2015: Since January 1, nearly 500 of the tiny animals have been [rescued] a number many times higher than normal. Why these animals are struggling to survive is a mystery… California sea lions are considered a sentinel species, meaning they’re seen as indicators of ocean health. Generally, if sea lions are suffering, something is wrong offshore. In this case, scientists still don’t really know what that something is… Starting in January 2013, waves of starving sea lion pups began washing ashore… Scientists noted that the stranding pattern resembled that of severe El Niño years [with] warm ocean waters… The trouble was, these weren’t El Niño years… January 2014, strandings started to swell again… Now, 2015 is looking even worse… more than 470 sea lions have been admitted to California rehab centers… For now, it’s too soon to say… if the sea lion pups are heralding the demise of something else beneath the waves.

San Jose Mercury News, Feb 12, 2015: Sea lions desperate for nourishment dying off in alarming numbers on California coast… in what’s alarmingly become a third year of massive sea lion pup dieoffs. And if the trend continues, marine biologists warn, it could deplete an entire generation

Daily Breeze, Jan 19, 2015: Scientists are still investigating possible causes for the… “unusual mortality event” in 2013… it was believed as many as two-thirds of the sea lion pup population off the coast was wiped out.*

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Feb 1, 2015: In 2013 only 30 percent [of sea lion pups] survived.*

OC Register, Jan 27, 2015: [In 2012] there was no sign of a problem. A year later, nearly 70 percent of the newborns had died*… [In 2013, Sharon Melin, a NOAA wildlife biologist] recorded pups at only half their previous weights [and] last September, the weights were down again… [Melin had] another research trip out last month. But the skinny pups had only gained 4 pounds… “We’ve told the centers to prepare for the worst,” she said.

San Diego Union Tribune, Jan 27, 2015: Scientists [are in] fear… based not only on what they have encountered in recent weeks but also the early warning signs… Pups in the Channel Island rookeries were about 19 percent below average weight in September… Nearly one out of three pups born last summer have died.**

San Diego Ch. 6, Jan 28, 2015: Nearly 1 of 3 pups born last summer have already died**

Jim Milbury, NOAA Fisheries: The sea lions ahve a birth rate of about 50,000 a year

* 70% of 2012-13 newborns died — 35,000 dead, based on an average of 50,000 births a year.
** 33% of 2014-15 newborns have already died — 16,667 dead, based on average birth rate.

Video courtesy of BPearthwatch.

News Source: ENENews & LATimes & Natural News


Jury finds ex-Marine guilty of killing “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle

Published by EOTM News Editor on February 24th, 2015 - in Breaking News, Film News, News and Politics, Politics

By Cain Cawthon

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The jury in the trial of Eddie Ray Routh, an ex-Marine charged with killing the Navy SEAL “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield has found him guilty of capital murder.

Chris Kyle - Image credit: AP

Jurors returned the verdict Tuesday night, convicting Routh of killing both Chris Kyle and Kyle’s friend Littlefield at a firing range southwest of Fort Worth, Texas in February 2013.

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The judge read the verdict, and polled the jury, all of whom affirmed the guilty verdict.

Routh was immediately sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Over the course of the trial, defense attorneys for Routh argued the 27-year-old suffered from a mental illness, while prosecutors painted him as a drug abuser who, despite any such claims, knew the difference between right and wrong.

The jury deliberated for a little more than two hours before reaching a verdict at a court in the rural Texas city of Stephenville.

In closing arguments before the case went to the jury, prosecutor Jane Starnes said Routh acted coldly and deliberately when he waited for Kyle to empty his gun at the range and then ambushed the two from behind before fleeing the scene Kyle’s pickup truck.

A medical examiner testified that Kyle was shot six times, Littlefield seven. Both had several gunshot wounds that would have been fatal.

Defense lawyers argued that Routh was a paranoid schizophrenic and should be declared innocent by reason of insanity. “That is not insanity. That is just cold, calculated capital murder,” Starnes said.

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“The Alarm Bells Keep Ringing”

By Carla B.

“The Alarm Bells Keep Ringing” — Prepare for the Day of Atonement, September 2015

Hello friends – hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted to share a series of educational videos that I feel is accurately predicting our future.

The signs are all around us.

The signs pointing to September 2015 are everywhere. CERN will attempt to open the Abyss in September 2015 as the Days of Darkness begin on earth, as the pope comes to the USA for the ‘World Meeting of Families.’

Lord Shiva – “god of Destruction” statue at CERN.
























1290 & 1260 Years Before Asteroid Impact

The governments of the world know that a very large asteroid will hit the earth on September 24, 2015, and they have publicly announced it already through the French foreign minister Laurent Fabius on May 13, 2014.

 An asteroid or meteor will hit the earth on September 24, 2015

There is simply no coincidence of how Beyoncé continuously reflects interchangeable effects in her music. Because of the caliber entertainer she is, it is a well known fact and without exception, scenes in her music videos are strategic, every lyric…each one, every single aspect of the choreography. Considering this — we can assume with great probability that whenever an artist, movie director, creator, mainstream news outlets repeats its/their actions, there is almost aways a deeper message. Simply put, my friends — there is an underlying spiritual subtext and subtle symbolism that gives our music, movies and the likes — another, more truer layer of meaning. One that comments on a hidden history, morality and the hidden forces at play in society. We really need to wake up!

Beyonce performing Kali death dance in new video 7/11












The name Kali comes from kāla, which means black, time, death, lord of death: Shiva. Since Shiva is called Kāla— the eternal time — the name of Kālī, his consort, also means “Time” or “Death” (as in “time has come”). Hence, Kāli is the Goddess of Time, Change, Power and Destruction.

Wake up and start asking questions, stop being subjective to whatever is placed in front of you…even if the message comes through from your most favorite #Idol #AngelofLight

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In closing, all the information within this blog is open to your interpretation. As in any discussion or forum there is no right or wrong answers while weighing in. Would love to see your thoughts below in the comments or on Twitter. #Day of Atonement

#Sidenote: For those of you that follow the World Order 411 Twitter Account, our site was taken down again, we are working diligently to get it back up.


‘Real Chance of Love’ Ahmad Givens Dead at 33

By Tanya Blake

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‘Real Chance of Love’ star Ahmad Givens, aka Real has died. He was 33. The reality star and rapper had been battling cancer.  According to TMZ Givens had been bedridden since January and on Friday, Feb. 20, he had trouble with his vision and died hours later.

Ahmad "Real" Givens

Givens is best known for appearing in the VH1 series I Love New York in 2007. He went on to star in spinoffs Real Chance of Love with his brother Kamal “Chance” Givens from 2008 to 2009, and Real & Chance: The Legend Hunters in 2010.

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Image Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage