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Urban Outfitters Blood Splattered ‘Kent State’ Vintage Sweatshirt – Gaffe or ‘Marketing ploy

By Carla B.

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This weekend Urban Outfitters briefly made a “Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt” splattered with fake blood available on its website for $130; it’s now listed as “Sold Out.”

The seemingly blood-stained sweatshirt was on sale on the Urban Outfitters website until it was either pulled or sold out (Picture: Urban Outfitters)

The gimmick is that back in 1970 — four Kent State students were shot to death by National Guard soldiers while protesting the Vietnam War.

Really? Yes! I couldn’t make this ish up.

But wait! This isn’t the first time the brand caught a bit of bad press by way of their marketing strategies.

In 2003 Urban Outfitters sold a board game called “Ghettopoly,” which included a card rewarding players for the achievement of “you got yo whole neighborhood addicted to crack.” The joke..?? That poor people are drug addicts and drug dealers. [straight face]

In 2004 Urban Outfitters sold a “Jewish Girls” T-shirt covered in dollar signs. The joke was Jewish people are obsessed with money and in 2010 they sold a T-shirt that displayed the message “Eat Less.” The joke…??  Some people starve themselves because they believe obsessively that they are overweight.

Interestingly, shortly after featuring the design the company removed the blood-stained sweatshirt which donned the caption:

‘Washed soft and perfectly broken in, this vintage Kent State sweatshirt is cut in a loose, slouchy fit. Excellent vintage condition. We only have one, so get it or regret it!’

A spokesperson for the tasteless brand later commented:

“Urban Outfitters sincerely apologizes for any offense our Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt may have caused. It was never our intention to allude to the tragic events that took place at Kent State in 1970 and we are extremely saddened that this item was perceived as such.”

Oh really now..?? I so don’t feel the sincerity.

Is this a poorly-judged gaffe or a shock marketing ploy? Share with us in the comments below.

Indie Fusion Artist D’zire Takes Flight

EOTM Public Relations (EPR) welcomes D’zire —


EPRLog (Press Release)Oct 08, 2011- D’zire takes flight with her hit singles “Good Girl” and “Joy Ride to Hell” ( This hot new indie artist leads listeners on a surreal psychedelic fusion musical journey while grappling with some of life’s most pressing issues.

Although inspiration landed on this artist’s doorstep, she never thought this “trip” would become so real. D’zire has hired EOTM Public Relations to handle all of her public relations needs.

D’zire’s music is a testament to the artist embracing her spirit and allowing herself to be inspired enough to “create something a little different.”

While accessible to virtually every age group, D’zire is primarily geared for the 18-35 demographic. D’zire’s lyrics revolve around the love of life, heart break and the haunting social and cultural problems facing this generation.­­

D’zire softly lures listeners into a whole new world of musical possibilities without them even realizing they are on a joyride…to hell.

D’zire, while hardly a household name, has proven that she has charisma, tenacity and true talent. If you hurry, you can still claim that you liked her before she hits it big!

Visit D’zire online today:

For more information on D’zire, or to interview her please contact Carla B. of EOTM Public Relations at 213-290-3573 or email

# # #

EPR generates media attention & name recognition with memorable flair. With experience & expertise that are unmatched, & with media connections that span multiple industries & markets, we bring our clients to the world, leaving everyone wanting more.

— end —

What is Hip Hop|AZitiZ

Published by EOTM News Editor on July 28th, 2011 - in Hip Hop Artists, Music, Press Releases, World News

Hip Hop Artist AZitiZ signs with EOTM PR


EOTM Public Relations is proud to welcome a cutting edge practical implementation to Hip Hop, AZitiZ.

The name, derived from the subtitle of the ancient Sanskrit classic, “Bhagavad Gita As It Is”meaning, “the unadulterated truth.”

This master lyricist, a native of New Orleans is the type of artist whereas musical notes float out as a stream of pedagogy. Her immaculate grind and true passion for music has helped to position her as the new breed of conscious artists, globally.

Inspired by Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu & Missy Elliot, this rising star has found her
niche and is ready to resurrect the genre with a sound…. we remember… all too well.

With the new media revolution in full force and the backing of a great pr team, AZitiZ is now
poised to deliver music with a message. Advocating against the ever growing trend of negativity in
Hip hop, holding steadfast to positive beliefs and ideals.
There’s a reason for the strict standards behind the music of AZitiZ. “Love doesn’t lie. Pure human artistic communication occurs only through the honesty exercised in one’s craft. True expression is love. Therefore, to truly express one’s self, it must be from love, the truest form of which requires emotional, artistic and intellectual honesty in songwriting. Which means nothing is taboo. The good
of life, and the bad, are all sources of influence for me. Life inspires me, the ups, the downs, smiles and frowns. Mother Earth inspires me; the stars and the unknown intrigue me. I am influenced by people who follow the heart and, especially, the soul,” says AZitiZ.

Stay connected to AZitiZ for more information on her upcoming tour into South Africa:

Tentative Date – October 2011“THE SOUTH AFRICA TOUR”

The tour will run for three weeks in three different cities and two townships namely:

  Cities: Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Pretoria

Townships: Soweto and Vosloorus

Sponsorship opportunities available – email: for details.



EOTM Public Relations is positioning itself as a new leader in the world of entertainment PR.
Unlike other agencies of our size, EOTM PR actively seeks undiscovered talent. We do this because
we, like our clients, are always growing. With a distinguished record of building the celebrity from
the ground up, we have a distinct ability to create new perspectives on new names. We bring to our
clients the recognition they deserve.

AZitiZ on Reverbnation

EOTM Public Relations (Bookings & Press)
Contact: Carla B
Direct: 213-290-3573

Client list:

EOTM Radio and Media’s – Teangelo to be honored as Master Choreographer at the 4th Annual Baby Dae Celebration

Published by EOTM Press Room on April 29th, 2011 - in Breaking News, Celebrity News, EOTM News, EOTM Radio

Choreographers to take the stage for a dance tribute in honor of 15 Master Choreographers.

Call 213-290-3573 and ask about premium listings

For Immediate Release:

NACD & Daisy Bell Productions hosts the 4th Annual Celebration and pay homage to some of the greatest dance talents of our century.

EOTM PR Log (Press Release)April 29, 2011

The creative director for the tribute is Daisey Bell. Choreographers being honored; Alyse Freeman,  Teangelo, Arlice Cleveland, Cyrus Causey, Denisha, Dennis Denehy, Dorris Ressl, Jaime Azpeitia-Sachs, Jax, Joey Alleyne, Monea Williams, Mookie Washington , Ryan Ramirez, Sonny Metcalf and Taz Futrell. Some of these people you may have heard of before, but you’ve most definitely seen the way they’ve made the feet move of the biggest names in music industry.

The Baby Dae tribute gives these up and coming,  talented choreographers  a chance to honor the Master Choreographers work, connecting past generations of dancers to future ones and, of course, to bring some high-energy toe-tapping to the 2011 event.

Yes, this spectacular celebration will showcase and celebrate choreography and will start out with a VIP & Honoree Reception where Choreographers, Media, Sponsors, Celebrities and other VIP guests will enjoy complimentary food and drinks by Smokey’s Chicken & Ribs.

The tribute show will be hosted by Choreographer Mookie Washington and followed by a special Celebrity appearance and fifteen (15) dance teams from Southern California who will perform a choreographed routine in honor of each Master Choreographer.

The audience of over 600 will enjoy the variation of dance styles from ballet, hip hop, praise dance, lyrical, and contemporary! Attendees will be touched by the level of support these choreographers have given to the community while still being on tour with celebrity music artists and/or involved in other high profile projects.

You do not want to miss this highly acclaimed celebration, presented by the NACD & Daisey Bell Productions , celebrating a life of dance. Check it all out on Saturday, April 30th and get  an unforgettable jolt from this all-star Baby Dae tribute.


Tickets are just $7 per entry, FREE for kids 12 and under and $15 for VIP Seating and Buffet Reception. To volunteer or to purchase tickets please visit or call 347-635-4514.

For media relations please contact Daisy Tate at
Senior Publicist, Carla Barnes | | 213-290-3573|

Life’s a Tweet/Life’s a Pitch/Twitter Publicist

Published by EOTM Press Room on March 16th, 2011 - in Breaking News, EOTM News, Public Relations, Publicity

By: Twitter Publicist aka Carla B



It seems that more and more, we are turning to Twitter for the latest news and events around the world.  Even public safety officials are using Twitter to stay on top of the latest developments. We know that the public, first responders and journalists are using Twitter to learn about trends and breaking news. As of late, there has been a spike in media and pr professionals utilizing twitter to their advantage and EOTM PR is one of them.

“One way to stay on top of breaking news related to your clients is to set up searches on Twitter for general topic areas related to your client’s work.  For example, set up a search for “booking actors” and “actors” in addition to your client’s name if their work is in the entertainment field. While it may not catch all of the latest news for booking actors, you may see a few tweets relating to an upcoming casting that you can start to follow”, Carla Barnes, Senior Publicist for EOTM said in an recent interview.

Right now there is no better source for breaking news than Twitter, and EOTM PR professionals are using this to their advantage whenever possible. “You should keep your tools for monitoring Twitter open all day and check it regularly because you never know when the perfect opportunity for your client will come up”, Barnes said.

What has your Publicist tweeted for you lately?

There’s no question that Twitter is the new playground for media relations. It’s a new frontier, that when managed professionally, can serve as a powerful platform and one of the best resources for getting a message out to the masses.

Get your Twitter PR strategy today and take control of your online reputation strategy now. Contact EOTM today and request a free publicity analysis. 213-290-3573 – Email:







Call 213-290-3573 and mentioned "Premium Banner" for discount

Are You a Song Writer/Producer Residing in The Los Angeles area?

We want to talk to YOU!

Entertainment Group  is looking to work with an experienced and creative Song Writer/Producer on the development and production of new events in the Los Angeles area launching in roughly 8 months.  The ideal candidate has a proven track record in the entertainment industry with solid contacts – including pitching, financing, creative development and all other aspects of production.

If you think you have what it takes, please email your portfolio along with your bio and contact details to  If we are interested in we will contact you by email.

Reach for the stars in 2011

Call now for more information – 213-290-3573


Call 213-290-3573 for premium packages on

Why EPR?


Innovative, experienced and teaming with talent, EOTM Public Relations is a results-oriented public relations firm specializing in global media attention for entertainment, corporate America, nonprofit organizations and more. Our expertise lies in executing creative and strategic local, national and international media relations and marketing campaigns for our clients in a spirited and pro-active manner. We excel in launching new products and in re-positioning celebrities that may be in need of an image enhancement.


We operate on the principle that proactive public relations requires a thorough understanding of the media and demographic. Our PR specialists are in daily contact with the press locally, nationally and across all media. We offer close personal relationships and credibility with key journalists and editors that gain us immediate access to the ‘right’ people to share your message. We are constantly on top of the stories on which they are working. We know how to craft a story to suit the media outlet and properly position our clients in the market. We’re always searching for the unique idea, the different angle, and the fresh take on a familiar story. Our marketing expertise in creating successful campaigns in support of our clients and creating synergies within our network allows for an environment of creative and successful strategic programs in support of company goals.


Still wondering?

EOTM PR – Yahaloma – Rahn Anthoni – Booking Agent – Public Relations Agency – Talent Agency

Gospel, Contemporary Gospel and Secular Music



Book Singers Yahaloma and/or Rahn Anthoni for your concert, club, corporate event, private party, fundraiser, college, fair or festival. Submit an Event Inquiry and a representative will reply within 24 hours.

Rahn Anthoni

Yahaloma and Rahn Anthoni although solo Artists they both celebrate spiritual and unshakable faith so powerful that sitting still is not an option. At a time when most gospel artists have made many onward strides into the secular arena, Yahaloma and Rahn Anthoni has successfully carried the art of creating modern praise music into a new category of gospel, creativity, originality, honing in for a complete oneness with Yahweh.

Stay connected with EOTM PR for the new compilation project with Yahaloma and Rahn Anthoni titled,   “Crossover – The New Revolution in Music”.

Yahaloma and Rahn Anthoni may just be available for your next big event. For bookings click here!


Contact: EOTM Public Relations

Need a Publicist?

Publicist: Carla Barnes
Direct (213)290-3573


Public Relations/Bookings/Media/Events

We make it happen, YOU strike the pose!


EOTM Public Relations Firm Welcomes Actor George McPherson

Photo Credit Andre Michael

Smart, confident, eloquent, exceptionally handsome African-American actor George McPherson joins EPR (EOTM Public Relations).


EOTM (Press Release)Nov 16, 2010 – Everyone likes to predict which new young actor will hit it big and EOTM Public Relations firm is no exception.

George McPherson, while hardly a household name, has proven that he has charisma and talent, even in the smallest of roles. If you hurry, you can still claim that you liked him before he hits it big!

McPherson is definitely an up and coming actor to watch out for. You’ve seen him in your favorite recent movies, television series and commercials – you just might not know it. He has shared the screen with actors such as Vivica A. Fox, Allen Payne, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Larramie “Doc” Shaw, Robert Buckley and more.

George McPherson aka TOP Actor

McPherson is a man of many talents, not only is he an actor and a high ranking veteran in the US Army, he is also a writer and director. In 2008 he directed, wrote, produced and starred in the short film “QC Redemption”, which is about a drug lord that is ready to get out the game and change his life but fate takes a twist when he is double crossed by his wife and best friend. Now he’s back to shut down the street empire he built.

In 2009 McPherson was deployed to Kuwait with the U.S. Army in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. This fueled his motivation to become a serious actor, George made a promise to himself that if he made it back home, he would make this dream of acting a reality.

McPherson is part of the next wave of up-and-coming actors to watch out for and EOTM Public Relations is proud to represent him.

Visit George McPherson’s official website today.
Click here to View Michael McPherson’s Electronic Press Kit

View Full Press Release

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