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Cream bassist Jack Bruce dies

Published by EOTM News Editor on October 25th, 2014 - in Breaking News, Celebrity Deaths, Music News

By Carla B.

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Image credit: Getty/Tina Korhonen/EOTM Media Group

Jack Bruce, bassist from the 1960s band Cream, has died. He was 71. Bruce’s publicist confirmed the news on his official website .

“He died today at his home in Suffolk surrounded by his family.”

A statement from his family said: “It is with great sadness that we, Jack’s family, announce the passing of our beloved Jack: husband, father and granddad and all-round legend.

“The world of music will be a poorer place without him, but he lives on in his music and forever in our hearts.”

Considered one of the greatest rock trios of all time, Cream was formed by Bruce, guitarist Eric Clapton and drummer Ginger Baker in 1966. The band produced such hits as “Sunshine of Your Love,” “White Room,” “Crossroads” and “Strange Brew,” selling over 35 million albums in just over two years and were given the first ever platinum disc for Wheels of Fire.

The band members parted ways in 1968.

Bruce died of liver failure.

More details forthcoming. In the meantime, let’s revisit one of the most important musical gifts he gave us:

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“South Park” Unveils Lorde’s True Identity

Published by EOTM News Editor on October 9th, 2014 - in Entertainment News, Music News, Pop Culture

By Tammy Stamos

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(PitchFork) – Tonight’s episode of ”South Park” revealed something of a bombshell: Lorde isn’t actually a teenager from New Zealand. She’s Randy Marsh, the mustachioed South Park resident and father of Stan Marsh. Watch the episode below (via CoS).

Apparently, Mr. Marsh formed his elaborate alter ego when he decided that he wanted to use the women’s bathroom. While he was in there, he started writing his own songs, which he would then elaborately Auto-Tune to sound like, well, this.

The story arc started at the end of last week’s episode, when Randy takes the stage in a dress and sings “ya ya ya, I am Lorde ya ya ya”. This week, they confirm that he wasn’t just playing dress-up. “I am Lorde,” he says. Ridiculous stuff.

Read more:


Lourdes Duque Baron’s “My Spring in Paris” Music Review

By Carla B.

She is woman, she is legend, this is her world and we just live in it: she is Lourdes Baron! The diva nonpareil has released the first single from her 2nd album, and we mere humans have been lucky enough to indulge in it.

Lourdes Duque Baron

If I had to elucidate My Spring in Paris I would compare it to a short story, a best selling novel. Interestingly, when it comes to the music I revel in, I want it to take on serious importance….assuming the stature of the highest literature. That being said, these ears here y’all — have been subjected to a lot of music, and please believe — there are not a lot of performers I can honestly say that can make music feel like literature on record.

Lourdes executes this perfectly.

The breakout crooner sells the hell out of this song and her vocal performance makes this one of the year’s best singles. Lourdes goes at full power and holds steady while lesser entities just kind of melt in the shadows. Her signature swagger is a force in itself.

The single is fantastic, a swirling classic anthem for lovers with a introspective tone showcasing her depth, not to mention a back story. Apparently, this hit was written by multi platinum producer Andrew Lane and artist Maya Tremblay, but never used until now.

In a nutshell, the moments round out and give a satisfying emotional depth to what turns out to be one of Lourdes’s most engaging ballads. Saying the singer is positively influencing music is an understatement. A fact that’s especially remarkable when you consider that the 67-year-old released her first album less than one year ago.

So you must be wondering: is My Spring in Paris worth the wait? I believe so! Ahem.

Check it out now & leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Nicki Minaj Admits She Wanted ‘Twerking Big Booty’ Dancers for ‘Anaconda’

 Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Dancers: Singer Wanted ‘Big Booty’ Women For Video

Nicki’s famous butt may have taken center stage in her outrageous ‘Anaconda’ video but she wasn’t the only one shaking her money maker on set! The rapper revealed to that she wanted only ‘girls with big booties’ to be her backup dancers!

Tiny butts need not apply! Nicki Minaj, 31, admitted in a new interview with that she wanted only the hottest fat bottomed girls getting down with her in her hit “Anaconda” video! Here’s why.

Nicki had a crystal clear vision for her “Anaconda” video and it revolved around gorgeous, curvy women!

“I wanted girls with big booties. So that was one of the requirements, actually, for the dancers,” Nicki explains to in a new interview.

Once Nicki had the perfect sexy ladies for the job, the rest came easy.

“I wanted a jungle theme. I wanted the girls to feel like we were all in a part of the world where all of the girls look like that,” Nicki adds. “I wanted an ocean scene. I thought that would be sexy. And I just wanted a video with a lot of different looks and I wanted to do some dance in it.”

Check out the full story over at HollywoodLife

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Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video: Hit or Miss?

By Dorothy Frazier

It looks like Nicki Minaj is giving pop/country music’s greatest singer ever, Taylor Swift a run for her money this week in music. I couldn’t/wouldn’t make this stuff up folks. [shrugs] Nicki’s new “Anaconda” video was unleashed earlier today and has created quite a stir in social media, reaching nearly 5 million YouTube views in less than 24 hours.

Nicki Minaj's video for "Anaconda," released August 2014.

Sex really does sell and I am sure Miley Cyrus would second this notion. The twerk-heavy, sexual, racy video has garnered praise from some fans, while others are left scratching their heads. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below and let a girl know what’s up! Is it a hit or a miss!?? I dunno, I am not feeling this one, but Nicki won’t lose sleep over this lil fact, she racking in the hoe, I mean doe. (ijs) By the way, did I mention Swift just released her new POP album?! Yes the hell she did, check it out here.
Napster - jetzt kostenlos testen!
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Minaj is slated to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. Will she perform “Anaconda”? We wonder if Drake will make a special appearance. Time will tell. Grrrrr!


Little Bit of Country Singer, Taylor Swift goes a Lil Bit of Pop Sugar..? – VIDEO

By Dorothy Frazier

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The album – named after Swift’s birth year – will be in stores Oct. 27 and is available for “pre-buy” now at

The cover of Taylor Swift's new album, '1989.'(Photo: Submitted)

Country singer Taylor Swifthas gone bonkers for POP music and it seems fans loves this bit of news as much as she does. The diva has skills and plans on creating a new type of star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes, friends and its all coming your way as her fifth installment, 1989, which debuts October 27th. The latest music is her very “first, official pop album,” according to the singer…. who gushed the news to a small crowd of her fans, which just happened to be — at the TOP of New York’s Empire State Building. How epic is that?

Taylor Swift performs onstage during the 56th Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on Jan. 26, 2014, in Los Angeles.(Photo: Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images)

She said she discovered it was a time of “limitless potential and the idea that you can do what you want, be who you want, wear what you want and love who you want, and you get to decide where your life is going.”

The goal for leadoff single Shake It Off was to create a song that sounded like “nothing I had done.” Produced by Max Martin and Shellback (the team behind other enormous Swift hits I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together), the unabashedly poppy anthem is inspired by a lesson that Swift learned in the two years since her last album, 2012′s Red. “People can say whatever they want about us, at any time,” she said. “The only thing we can control is our reaction to that.”

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Shake It Off is accompanied by an equally chirpy music video directed by Mark Romanek (Johnny Cash’s Hurt, Michael and Janet Jackson’s Scream videos). In it, the 24-year-old singer is flanked by ballerinas, gymnasts and twerking women.

Whether any of that will appeal to the country fans who made her a superstar remains to be seen.

“Does anyone still think of Taylor Swift as a country artist anymore?” says Rolling Stone contributing editor Anthony DeCurtis. “She’s very career-savvy, and I’m sure she and her handlers are convinced she can withstand any potential blowback. And I would agree.”

Says Jason Lipshutz, associate editor at Billboard, “I don’t think it’s Taylor Swift deserting the genre as much as it’s Taylor Swift trying something new.

“Her last album was based in country music, but it had a lot of bubblegum pop in it,” he says. “She’s always been a great storyteller, but she’s been trying her hand at pop music more and more.

“It’s kind of a complete transition that if you’ve been paying attention, you could see coming.”

But Gregg Swedberg, program director of K102 in Minneapolis, doesn’t believe country radio “will pay Taylor much attention this time.”

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“I’m sure there will be some stations who will play it a couple of times, as she makes high-quality music no matter the genre,” he adds. “Taylor fans will love the new music, and it’s well known that her fans come from all formats.


What do you think about the switch? Sound off in the comments below.

News Source:USA Today & Rolling Stone


Ciara Dishes On Being A New Mommy And Life After Her ex, Future

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Singer Ciara is single again — oh, and just in case you missed it — a brand new mommy! The diva recently opened up to E! News, dishing on her bouncy baby boy, Future Zahir Wilburn, born on May 19th — and the devastating break-up with rapper Future. Ciara, 28, called it quits earlier this week after learning the rap superstar cheated.

Ciara & baby Future -- Credit: Instagram

Us Weekly broke the news first on the couples split.

When asked about the rumors surrounding the “wedding,” Future chided, he and CiCi were addressing things head-on.

“We’re focusing on whatever concerns us. Anything that concerns us as far as career, baby showers, pregnancies, wedding, having a baby, everything that’s going on, we’re focusing on it. We’ve gotta to make sure everything is up to our standard.” (ELLE)

Can’t say we’re surprised. The couple got engaged shortly after they began dating, less than a year later. Not to mention that adding a kid to the equation doesn’t seem to sit well with Future, according to his track record. It sucks, especially now that there’s a kid involved.

Ciara shared some “Conscious Uncoupling ,” nuggets as well.

“I’m in a much more clairvoyant place in my life. So, I want to express that through my music,” she said.

Ciara and Baby Future -- Credit: Instagram

“I think that when you become a mom… you don’t really worry about the small stuff. I’m just way more centered. It makes you focus even more on what your goals are in life. And I just feel a whole new spiritual energy that’s happening,” the diva added.

However, according to an E! insider, Ciara was “devastated” after learning of the betrayal, but despite it all, the R&B singer appears to be taking everything in stride and worrying about the things that truly matter.

“My son has been the best thing that has happened in my life. He has been amazing and he is truly heaven-sent. And so, I just feel all that love, I am happy with it just being me and my baby.

Future Zahir Wilburn, born on May 19, 2014

She added, that she still has lofty goals that she aims to accomplish. ” I can’t waste time. I have to go for it. It’s actually pushing me harder, and forward.”

Noting that parenthood has fueled her to be even more diligent about her career. “I want to be one of those moms and women that when I look back, I know that I always stayed focused,” she explained.

PHOTOS: Celebrity moms and their Children

And speaking on new music, The Body Part crooner says she has been hard at work in the studio with mega-producers Dr. Luke and Mike Will, and admonishes, “Now my concept is do more… times three. I’m all about making the best music possible… We’re just having fun, letting the music live. Just letting it be.”

“It’s a great thing,” she said of motherhood. “I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and I’m very, very happy.”


Feel Good Music is Back — 9 Up and Coming Singers You Need to Know

By Carla B.

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Headlines and Social Media may be obsessed with who the next big artist in music is, but while many of the mainstream Hip-Hop heads bicker,  Indie Artists are enjoying a full-fledged renaissance. Artists like Jermain Jackman, Lourdes Duque Baron, Steven KnightRahn Anthoni, Matthew Boyer, Monique Bright, Emily Piriz, Jessica Meuse & Marialle Sellars are doing just as much to dictate the future of music, and they’ve got an entire new generation of singers and songwriters behind them ready to become the next big thing in music.

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With new artists emerging everyday, it can be hard to figure out who’s truly worth your time. That’s where we come in. Check out our top picks for the next generation of R&B & Pop music stars. (pictured below)

9 Up and Coming Singers to Watch - Matthew Boyer, Marrialle Sellars, Rahn Anthoni, Steven Knight, Lourdes Duque Baron, Monique Bright, Emily Piriz, Jessica Meuse and Jermain Jackman

Featured Artist: Lourdes D. Baron

(E’s Music News) – Lourdes Duque Baron has taken music back to basics. I guess the songbird felt it was time to call for an end to the same ole tune and birth a new wave in indie music…leading the way into the new age… the latest music model to bloom.

I can dig it, because this girl here… (me) well, I’ve screamed for years about how I wished some creative artist, a tested and true musical talent that was OKAY not conforming to the masses. Someone that would bring REAL Music back!

Well my dearest, it seems someone has heard my cries — because the infamous music industry now has their diamond in the rough.

The singer; award winning author, entrepreneur, and model who just happens to be 67, recently released her debut album, Feeling Good At Any Age, a galiant effort, topping the charts around the world. Featuring songs like Cry Me A River, Feeling Good, Me & Mr. Jones, Our Day Will Come, BESAME, La Vie En Rose amongst others.

“Lourdes brings love into the world with the help of feel good music that’s amazingly positive and exuberant, filled with hope and passion,” – Carla B.

Mana Official MerchandiseThe crooners sound is buoyant but reflective, a statesmanlike work of rock-and-roll, pop, reggae & Latin chords appropriate to music lovers of all era’s. The diva is authentic as they come and doesn’t transform.

Now, I am sure you would agree that everyone likes to predict which new singer will hit it big and I am no exception. While Lourdes is hardly a household name, she has proven that she has star quality and talent. If you hurry, you can still claim you liked her before she hits it big!

Are you a fan of Lourdes? See what’s new,  Click here to be redirected to her MTV Artists Page and tell us what you think of her music in the comments below.

Stay connected to Lourdes on Facebook @

Read more via EOTM Media Group

What do you think? Do you agree with our choices of the singers to watch? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments section below.

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“Feeling Good At Any Age” Musician Lourdes Duque Baron Establishes ‘Hope For The World Foundation’

By Tawanda Cawthon

Singer, Award Winning Author and Humanitarian Lourdes Duque Baron has established ‘The Hope For The World Foundation’ and plans to launch a high profile celebrity studded fundraising campaign to benefit ‘The World Medical Mission Foundation’. The missions infrastructure is non-profit and has provided medical and surgical treatment throughout the Philippines and Mexico, assisting poverty stricken individuals for over 28 years, with the goal of helping ensure people around the globe receive the medical treatment they need, when they need it.

“During a time when health insurance and medical care is non existent in some areas, and at an all-time high in others, ‘The Hope For The World Foundation,’ couldn’t have come at a better time. Lourdes is a gem, truly a Godsend,” Carla B., Founder of EOTM Media Group said.

The extravaganza is slated for January 2015 at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood, California. The charity event will raise funds for the mission, helping to continue its life’s work, doing their part to help change the world, wherever it’s needed the most.

Hope For The World Foundation, which is the first of its kind also aims to take concrete steps to improve lives and to establish best practices in medicine.

Baron, who recently launched her music career defines her music as a “stepping-stone” to this greater mission. Noting, medical treatment is so important and that “everybody should have a chance in life.”

More than 50 percent of revenues from Ms. Baron’s music will go directly toward the lifesaving medical mission, and the philanthropist is not stopping there. Over the next  couple of years the admirable crusade will continue to fund the mission, focusing on children and those in need in the developing world.

The programs will also advance the organization’s initiatives in all areas of medicine under the direction of Dr. Robinson V. Baron and their daughter, Stephanie Baron, P.A.-C, Director of the medical mission.

To support this event and for more information please visit Lourdes Duque Baron’s Official Website.

PRWeb contributed to this report