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North West Does A ‘Kanye’ Throws A Hissy Fit At The NYFW Show – PICS

By Mainey Tester

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2 year old North West created quite a stir at this years NYFW Show as she threw a fit all while sitting in the front row with her mum, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Anna Wintour!

Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, North West and Anna Wintour – Getty Images (Photo : Dimitrios Kambouris Getty Images)

During the commotion Wintour purportedly slowly turned away from Nori as she melted down in grand terrible twos style. The glasses hid her eyes but the fashion guru’s mortification could still be felt.

As to his daughters outburst of sorts, West said that his little one’s tantrum was because she’s tired of everyone being mean to her father.

Hahaha, touché Kanye!

Rihanna Reveals All at Fashion Awards, Literally…

Rihanna accessorized her naked dress with a matching fur stole. (Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

Rihanna Reveals All at Fashion Awards (via AP Video)

Rihanna led the way in a see-through dress when stars like Tom Ford, Jennifer Hudson, Olivia Wilde and Diane Von Furstenberg gathered in New York for the CFDA Fashion Awards. (June 3) Subscribe for more Breaking News:…



Fashion Focus Alaska — Style Watch 2014

By Carla B.

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Mark my words fashion lovers, Alaska Fashion Week (AFW) will soon become one of the top global fashion capitals of the world. Yes, I realize everyone likes to predict which new market will open up in the world of glitz and glam — I am no exception, and while hardly a household name, AFW has proven they do in fact have stamina, moves, style and plenty of talent to spew.  If you hurry you can still claim that you liked them before they become a household name!

  • Alaska Fashion Week 2014 is upon us

With each instance of AFW that rolls around, the Alaskan streets become a runway of their own as the most stylish of the industry attend the top fashion shows. From the luxury fashion houses to edgy vogue labels, AFW sees the spring / summer and autumn (fall) / winter collections taking to the runway…to inspire you.

AFW 2014: Photo credit(s) - Tina Marie, Howard Grayboff

Tickets & registration options are still available for designers, vendors, models, buyers and many more, click here.

A Changing of the Guard (FASHION)

Thanks to Dominick Liriano, the Alaska fashion scene is suddenly sexy, the new haute spot, showcasing famed designer conceptualists that lure the most curious of fashion lovers.

The annual extravaganza representing major brands covering a variety of fashion from the north pole and beyond.

Yes, Alaska’s vibrant couture style is in full force. Many looks are as imaginative as ever, boasting swathes of color as sweeping as the outdoors in collections inspired by America’s landscapes and plush coastlines. Oh, tailored, minimal and chic are making a strong appearance, too! (A few designs from last years show can be seen here)

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During the three-day fashion event which opens May 30, AFW forges strong alliances with top celebrity designers from around the globe and is dedicated to these prodigious creators. Indashio, Beso Moda and Courtney Allegra are just a few cultivated architects that plan on showcasing their individuality during this years festivities.

The Future of Alaska Fashion Week

AFW has created quite a sizable rumble the past couple years, breaking records, strategically forcing it’s counterparts to take stock, welcome and align with the new kid on the block. Who would have ever guessed that fashion could potentially wake Mount Susitna’s Sleeping Lady. Talk about changing the landscape of a city…. sweet, eh?!

Notably, Liriano…the founder and chief organizer of the event has not let on if they vet brands based on style or target, but one thing for sure… if you’ve followed this market like I have, there will be a great mix of both mainstream and subculture designs representing a multi-faceted configuration.

Event Performers – See what musical artist will be performing in our upcoming shows


Getty Images

Photo credit(s) – Tina Marie Photography &Howard Grayboff.

With The Start of Alaska Fashion Week 2014, EOTM’s Editor takes a look Back at the history of AFW

By Carla B.

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AFW should be proud, they were essential for bringing together the fashion and beauty industries, including buyers, manufacturers, designers, and editors around a single fashion itinerary – Alaska Fashion Week.

A Brief History of Alaska Fashion Week

With the start of Alaska Fashion Week (AFW) 2014 nipping at our heels, EOTM’s Fashion editor, Carla B., takes a look back at the history of fashion in Alaska, the last frontier.

Alaska Fashion Week 2014

For fashion fanatics well, they eagerly wait, hungry for designers to unveil their collections to the world, taking copious notes from show to show, scrutinizing the trends, and talent-spotting the next model of the moment. However, through the flicker of the flashbulbs, the madness and the glamor, season after season, it’s finally time to stop and ask:

How did this spectacle known as Alaska Fashion Week come to be, specifically?

Long before Alaska Fashion Week became the display they are today, fashion reigned, as you may have guessed, in the salons of Northern Lights, subtly.

The concept of the fashion presentation dates back to the 1800′s, when Charles Fredrick Worth first developed the concept of showing his clientele a pre-prepared selection of original designs aka collection.  One of the most noteworthy functions of the association of fashion was to legally regulate the phrase haute couture – meaning it could only be used by registered members of the industry, and if you were good enough to be granted membership, well….. Voila! You, have arrived!

Notably, in 2012, the first Alaska Fashion Week’s calendar was launched by Dominique Liriano and his team, and they well….made beautiful history together. The AFW team was tasked with pulling together the best of the best — fashion designers from across the globe, highlighting their lines to fashionistas worldwide, and they did this with grand style. With the showcase of Nunez and Carlos De Moya’s MOD Factory Fashion Show the same year, fashion lovers witnessed another defining moment for Alaska – the one that turned the tables. Not only did this event break barriers for celebrity designers,  it also sparked the official inauguration of Alaska Fashion Week, which commenced the following year.

SEE ALSO: Top Models Strut the Cat Walk for Nunez and Carlos De Moya MOD Factory Fashion Show in Anchorage, Alaska.

For the past 3 years, celebrity designers have showcased their collections once a year in an extravaganza that would eventually put Alaska on the map, as a fashion city to watch. Seizing this opportunity to enhance the reputation and prestige of designers on the international scene.

Getty Images

So, what’s next? Is there a new twist? What can we except from AFW 2014?

Who knows how the media will continue to transform this event, with live streams of shows and instantaneous access to backstage action – all available to the world through EOTM Media Groups (@eotmpr) & AFW’s Twitter (@AFW2014) and other social media platforms. Whichever direction it takes, you can be sure that this dynamic and exhilarating event will continue to unfold like the beautiful designs it exhibits to the world.

The evolution of the concept of Alaska Fashion Week continues to evolve, we hope you join us.

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Alaska Fashion Week 2014 and it’s festivities launches, May 29-June 1st.  Tickets for AFW 2014 are now available, click here to purchase.

AFW Press Portal

All the information you need on Alaska Fashion Week — full archive of press releases, vital documents and images from throughout the event.

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Folli Follie

Alaska Fashion Week 2014: Chasing The Northern Lights

Alaska is known for many things ranging from it’s rugged beauty, spectacular mountains and great landscapes to the best foods and wine you can think of, but another sector that certainly touches the hearts of the Alaskan people — is the fashion industry.

That is why Alaska hosts some of the greatest fashion events that attract fashion lovers and designers from all over the world. Alaska Fashion Week is one great event that takes place only once a year but one that leaves a big mark on the city as well as on the visitors.

Fashions by Nigel Who

For some of the renowned fashion lovers and designers, Alaska fashion week is always an event to look forward to. This is because many things happen when designers arrive from all walks of life… and from all over the world, gracing the occasion with their creativity on the cat walks.

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Fashions by Nigel Who

It is not surprising that all the attention is already focused on the Alaska Fashion Week2014, because each event is always as fresh as it is new to both fashion buyers and designers. Everyone coming for the week-long trade fair comes with great expectations.

Day 1 of AFW 2014


They Shine Like Diamonds – Designers Jonas Andrew, Nigel Who?, E’Lione Designs & Courtney Allegra 

They Shine Like Diamonds – IFA Paris Designers Featured at Shanghai Fashion Week SS 2014 – See more at:

Just as other events that have been held in the past years, the general expectation of the exhibitors as well as fashion enthusiasts and shoppers is to have a fully parked event with many things to see and buy as well as a forum to meet people in the fashion industry from all corners of the world.

Fashions by Jona Andrew

The expectations are clearly visible in the online activities that are already attracting lots of activities. Major fashion blogs are already full of relevant stories that can only trigger more expectations.

If you have not had a chance to attend any of the past events, you should probably mark your calendar — now.

Alaska Fashion Week 2014 begins April 3rd thru the 6th @ the beautiful Dena’ina Civic Center in Anchorage, Alaska.

Follow Alaska Fashion Week on Twitter @AFW2014 for breaking news in Fashion. Tickets are available for purchase via


Exclusive Sneak Peek: What to Expect From Alaska Fashion Week 2014

Published by EOTM News Editor on January 25th, 2014 - in Entertainment, Fashion News, Fashion Week

By Carla B ~

Alaska Fashion Week (AFW) is the largest, most influential fashion event in the area. The runway presentations are lavish and exciting, and the expectation for innovation is always high. AFW has become an internationally recognized and respected fashion event that is transforming the fashion scene with their innovative shows, out of this world catwalks, revved up runways and sexy brands with sprinkles of raw edginess. AFW embodies the diverse culture of Alaska as well as around the globe, offering designers a world-class platform to showcase their collections.

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Notably, if you are wondering what to expect from the show this year, well all I will say is one word, Indashio. A truly talented and a genuine designer who makes women and men alike look amazingly and effortlessly beautiful, simple as that. Alaska is definitely in for a treat when the international celebrity fashion designer, TV personality, entrepreneur and stylist close out this landmark event.


Other featured designers for AFW 2014 are Beware Swim (Florida), Beso Moda (Colombia), E’Lione Designs (Alaska), Leontine Abdullah (California), Love Light (Bill Fort New Mexico), Nigel Who? Ronnie Bogle (San Jose), Purple Thouhgts By MJA (Florida) amongst others.



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Alaska Fashion Week goes down May 30th thru June and will be held at the Dena’ina Civic Center in Anchorage, Alaska. For more information and updates visit and follow them on Twitter @AFW2014.

Alaska Fashion Week – Day 3

By Carla B.

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Designer Parris Harris  dominated day three of Alaska Fashion Week 2013 (AFW).

Hailing from the west, Harris helped to make the day a most memorable fashion love  affair. Exemplifying a deep seated passion for the entire fashion process and celebrated the presentation of his collection in grandeur with fans and buyers alike.

Alaska Fashion Week: day 3 - Photo credit: Tina Marie Photography

The eccentric designer presented his personal line Parris & Harris as well as Brit Boy Fashions and its latest line, F.R.e.d and VP.

His models displayed capricious props and poses… as they sashayed up and down the runway and back again, all the while Parris or Harris (not sure which personality took over at that point) created a lively spectacle for fashionistas, which were just some of the ideas showcased by the designer.

 Recap: Alaska Fashion Week| Day 2

“What a pleasure to bring my own line Parris & Harris as well as Brit Boy Fashions and VP to Alaska. Passion is the heart of fashion and fashion is the air I breathe,” Parris Harris said.

Styles by: Parris Harris and I Style @ 2013 Alaska Fashion Week - Photo credit: Tina Marie Photography

I Style was up next and as the saying goes, “to whom much is given..much is expected”….I Style did not disappoint. A contemporary fashion line representing all facets of Alaska gear…from parkas to after five, office wear and runway chic cheeky designs.

BeWare Swimwear wrapped up the 3rd day of AFW, showcasing a series of swim inspired ensembles, and if you were not a fan of swimwear…well Beware would have quickly helped to change your mind. Yellows, reds, lavenders, paisleys, snake skin blueprints and so much more for both men and women.

“AFW was an amazing experience full of fun and excitement. I was so grateful how Alaska greeted me with opened arms and made me feel like home. The models were full of energy and hype, they kept me going. I loved everything about Alaska and can’t wait to do it again. AFW you Rock,” Mimi, BeWare designer says.

This event is sure to make those in Anchorage proud with the new arrival of Alaska Fashion Week. For years you have heard of fashion weeks around the world with major talk in the media about the Paris and New York shows. But, let the truth be told more and more cities around the world have joined in producing exclusive fashion shows that showcase local, national and international designers for department stores, clothing boutiques, celebrity stylists and fashion enthusiasts.

So, for that reason the producers of AFW felt that the time is now for Alaska to join in on the world fashion scene.
For more information or to purchase tickets call 907-310-9338.
2013 AFW Pics – click here to be redirected. Like AFW on Facebook.


What’s NEXT?

The finale – Sunday, June 30th.

  • Leontine Abdullah
  • S Gavey


Tracy Reese rocks NY fashion week

Tracy Reese rocks NY fashion week (via AFP)

Tracy Reese capitalized on her high-profile sartorial relationship with First Lady Michelle Obama with a sparkling New York fashion week show Sunday that paid homage to every woman’s inner nerd. Rubbishing the old adage about girls who wear glasses, Reese accessorized her ethereal and colorful spring…


Runway & Fashion Shows: Fashion Week in New York

Geeks Leading a Fashion Revolution? (via Dice Blog Network)

Whether it’s PeeWee Herman or Urkel, the media and fashion businesses have had a limited grasp on what’s often referred to as “geek” or “nerd chic.” In its September issue, Women’s Wear Daily devoted three pages to “the new nerd.” Bulky, over-sized suits in bold colors and mismatched…