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Successful Entrepreneurs Share the Best Advice they ever got

Being a successful entrepreneur frequently involves a series of missteps and mistakes before finally nailing the right idea or business. The difference, for many, between giving up and persisting through the toughest times can be getting advice from people who have done it before — and being smart enough to listen.

It’s our human nature — to actually enjoy helping others, so we asked SUCCESSFUL ‘Entrepreneurs On The Move’ group members to share the best advice they ever got.

Read what they said below:

Do you have advice you would like to share? Leave in comments section below, we will review and add.

  • Chris Proctor That it is okay to ask for help.
  • Carla Eotm Simpson Being comfortable is the enemy. Only have enough cash on hand to barely survive; never so much that you are comfortable. Stay hungry stay foolish #Entrepreneurs
  • Tanya Blake Don’t worry about the things that could go wrong. In a new business there are so many things that could go wrong that it is easy to focus on them. Instead, focus on what you are doing right, and the problems you have will get resolved.
  • Chris Proctor  Take risks. It’s okay.
  • Stephanie M Clark Two pieces of great business advice I’ve received: 1) It’s takes money to move a mission, and 2) If you fail to plan then plan to fail! I still follow this advice today and share it with others.
  • Domingo Reyes By Serving others You also serve yourself.
  • Domingo Reyes We must remember that every business has customers and in order for us to win ($$) the customer has to win (service, product, etc.)
  • James Ervin Berry Talented Oddly enough mine would start at: You must define for yourself what success IS.
  • James Ervin Berry Talented Secondly, nothing is more wise than REINVESTING PROFITS.
  • Johnai Hawk Invest in a solid Marketing Plan. Many businesses fail because they are not branded and marketed properly to their target audience.
  • Carla Eotm Simpson that is key James Ervin Berry Talented , great advice. If you don’t know what success means to can you achieve it…thanks for sharing
  • Carla Eotm Simpson exactly, every successful business started with a sound marketing plan, thanks Johnai Hawk
  • Stephen Valentin Smart Advice to seek out Smart Advice… not always easy to find.
  • Sharon EwingDon’t be afraid of No just as there was a no a yes is around the corner
  • Chrishawna S Perry It takes alot of work and dedication. Lots of planning and sometimes regrouping. I have had to do that! I have had some unsuccessful business ideas flop in the past. Plus I did not put alot of effort into them either.
  • Blanche Copeland Staying focused even when other don’t see what you see….
  • Ken Brooks Do what you say you are going to do! There is nothing better than a business with integrity!
  • KKfunktress Ross KEEP GOD FIRST…and the rest will take care of itself..!!!

Do you have advice you would like to share? Leave in comments section below, we will review and add.

EOTM Awards 2013: EOTMs Winners List – Did Your Favorites Win?

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Did you miss the first ever EOTM (Entrepreneurs on the Move) Awards which happened August 4th at the beautiful Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California?

No worries…check out the complete list of winners below:

Marla Gibbs took home the EOTM for “The Perfect Family” and “A Perfect Ending” star; Barbara Niven and “Breaking Dawns” Booboo Stewart took home indie and motion picture acting honors.

Vincent Ward won for his role on “The Walking Dead,” Dawna Lee Heising for “Outstanding Talk Show host,” Kate Linder for Best Actress in a Daytime Soap (Young & The Restless). Actor Sean Blakemore also won for Best Actor in a Daytime Soap (General Hospital) and the multifaceted entrepreneur Christine Devine won for Best TV Anchor (Fox Television – KTTV Fox 11 News LA)

Notably, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took home two honors, “Best Song and Outstanding Video” for their hit, Same Love, Vanessa Graddick won in the category for “Best Comedian”. Sophia Strauss for “Best TV Commercial,” Kurt Kelly for “Best Voice-Over.”

Jake Short won for Best TV (young actor), Jill Rudison won in the “Athlete Honors” category. Reatha Grey for “Outstanding reality star /variety.Duane Martin for “Outstanding Reality Star (male),” Camille Grammer for “Outstanding Reality Star,” (female). Pia Rizza took home the”Most Memorable Reality Star” honor.

EOTM Awards ’13 Red Carpet Pics


Marla Gibbs @ the 2013 EOTM Awards, Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, CA. Gibbs giving her acceptance speech. Photo credit: EOTM Media


Kate Linder (her mother) and Lily Merger walk the EOTMs red carpet

Outstanding Reality Star (Male): Adrian Dortch

Outstanding Reality Star Fan Favorite: Camille Grammer
Best Supporting Actress in a Indie/Motion Pic Film: Tiffany Yancey
Best Actor in a Motion Picture Film: Christian Keyes
Best Young Actor: Brandon Tyler Russell
Best Young Actress: Tara Nicole Azarian
Best PSA: Janks Morton
Best Writing/Adapted or Original Screen Play: Angel Terron
Best Director – Indie Horror: Gregory Blair
Best Scream Indie Horror: Jared Lee Masters
Best Director – Indie or Motion Pic: Nicole Conn
Outstanding Creative Director – Evgeny Afineevsky
Photographer of the Year: Gisele Rebeiro
EOTMs Artistic Photographer: Tina Marie
Entrepreneur of the Year: Tami Roman
EOTMs Global Humanitarian Award: Kerry Washington
The Aaron Hatcher Humanitarian Award: Yolanda Whitaker
The Christopher Kennedy Lawford Award: Meeghan Henry
Social Entrepreneurs: Quinton Aaron
EOTMs Changing The World Award: Herbert Bohanon
EOTMs Honorary Achievement Award (Community Activism) Chille Mo
EOTMs Honorary Achievement Award (Entertainment) Michael Wayne Thomas
EOTMs Honorary Achievement Award (Film) Steven Drayton
Outstanding Actor/Actress in a Web Series: Lily Melgar
Best Director/Producer Talk Radio Show: Staci Harris
Outstanding Talk Show Host: Teangelo
Outstanding Talk Show: Steven Escobar
Best Song: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (Same Love)
Best New Male Artist: Daytatchi
Outstanding Lyricist: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Best Duo or Group: Musically Challenged
Outstanding Album: Heston
Best Music Video Male: Chioke Dmachi
Best Music Video Female: Marina V
Best Song Female: TORICA
Best Female Artist: FAWN
Best Indie Label: CASH Lewis
Entertainment Business Magazine of the Year: The Bizness Magazine
Outstanding Inspirational/Biographical: Lourdes Duque Baron
Outstanding Literary Work/Inspirational True Story: Jeanne Cooper
Outstanding Literary Work/Motivational Self Help: Farrah Abraham
Outstanding Journalist/Blogger: Jasmine Brand
Best in Fashion: Parris Harris



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Did your favorites win? Leave your thoughts in comment section below.

About the EOTM Awards

An accolade presented by the EOTM Radio & TV Network celebrating entrepreneurial achievements and performances in business, philanthropy and the arts (recordings, television, radio, literature, film, directing and writing). The EOTM Awards Show will also present “The Aaron Hatcher Award” to key individuals and organizations that promote human rights and social justice.



Happy Holidays from EOTM Media Group

Published by EOTM News Editor on December 20th, 2012 - in Entertainment News, US Holidays, World News

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year from your friends at EOTM Media! We thank all of our EOTM! Online readers for a great 2012…we could not do what we do without you!!

So keep recommending friends, hash tagging us on twitter #EOTMOnline and staying in the loop to all of our entertainment and celebrity news via!

We are really grateful to get a chance to do what we enjoy and to work with such amazing people every day.  Our team spans seven states and three countries speaking more than five languages. All of us thank you for your engagement, your support and your contributions to our social communities this year and into the future. May your holiday season be safe, filled with warmth and joy, and our best wishes to you in 2013.

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Entrepreneurs on the Move (EOTM) takes the lead on Google, Employee of the month, No more..?!

Published by EOTM Press Room on October 5th, 2010 - in EOTM News

The acronym’s most popular phrase today is “Entrepreneurs on the Move”. Google, EOTM and see for yourself.

The new face of EOTM

By: Tawana Fredricks


EOTM (Press Release)Oct 05, 2010 – The new favorite acronym was first used back in February 2007 by a small media company called EOTM Radio and Media which is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The company has been steadily gaining momentum on Google, which is the number one search engine taking 59.9% of all online searches.

So where has the Employee of the Month gone? Nowhere, it’s still there, you just need to scroll down through the many EOTM Radio and Media links to find the once loved Employee of the Month.

In speaking with Carla Barnes, the founder of EOTM (Entrepreneurs on the move), she shared this, “we are not trying to take anything away from the everyday workers doing their 9-5. These are hard working Individuals, Moms and Dads, Tax Payers; we love and respect their drive and commitment.  They should be rewarded. Our job; however is to empower people with the entrepreneurial spirit. The little spark that’s in all of us, it’s that very same spark I believe that helps shape our destiny, change our lives. Taking responsibility for our own future, our children’s future. “

Find out more about the EOTM movement by Googling “EOTM”. The truth is out there.

What Your Company Can Expect From EOTM PR

Published by EOTM Press Room on May 4th, 2010 - in Public Relations

What level of support should you expect from EOTM?

That’s difficult to answer since each client’s needs and program goals are different. However, there are some basic levels of support you should expect from EOTM, regardless of your situation or goal.

First of all, you should expect objective counsel and recommendations, not “yes” persons. When you’re wrong, we strongly disagree with you and when you’re right, we agree just as strongly.

Next, you should have counsel that is continually prodding you into action, not vice versa. Nothing is worse than continually having to go to the agency to ask whether or not you should be doing something in this or that area. Your public relations counsel at EOTM will be continually searching for opportunities for you to promote your image and industry position.

At EOTM, you will be provided with a public relations program that includes objectives and accountable benchmarks. Writing and placing an agreed upon number of major industry trend, technical, technology or op-ed articles, carrying out a similar schedule of one-on-one editorial or market research interviews during the month, producing a marketplace newsletter on a monthly or bimonthly basis and similar programs are means to achieving your objectives. Objectives are detailed and measurable goals. And whether your objective is to increase your share in a particular market segment, open a new market or position yourself a certain way within the industry, your public relations counsel should be able to show you how tasks completed on your behalf have moved you closer to your predetermined goal.

What does a good public relations program include ?

EOTM recommends and use what we call an intermedia mix because regardless of whether you’re using advertising, public relations or marketing/sales support, you’re communicating. And all of your communication has one ultimate objective…to sell something (the company, a product or service) to someone.

The EOTM Intermedia Mix Chart

A good public relations plan includes a broad range of efforts and activities which must work in conjunction with your advertising and marketing/sales support programs. All of these tools have to work together to achieve a common corporate and marketing goal. They all have to be working in the same direction and with the proper mixture and timing. If they don’t, time, money and effort are wasted.

Chart of PR Activities

Too often public relations activities are thought of in terms of news releases and product announcements. Both of these activities are important to the company’s programs but are relatively minor in terms of the overall efforts and plans.

Public relations and publicity go far beyond the simple news release. If public relations activities are carried out efficiently and effectively for the company there can be some dramatic results.

How much editorial exposure should a new product receive?

That depends on the merits of the product and the amount of time alloted the agency. There are essentially two classes of products that should be considered here. The first is a major new product which your organization has spent considerable time, money and effort in developing. The second category is products less significant to the marketplace and your firm.

Given sufficient time, we like to gain maximum and extended press coverage for a major new product. This includes:

  • Major new product article ( including cover treatment if possible) with one publication on an exclusive basis
  • Major technical article on the product and the company’s innovations written by the agency and bylined by a senior engineer in an industry-specific publication
  • Featurette coverage with 2-3 industry publications immediately after the cover feature appears
  • Series of management and technical interviews with key local editors immediately prior to feature and featurette coverage in business, financial, trade and user press arenas
  • Product/service release and backgrounder written and distributed by the agency to all pertinent media with appropriate quality photography
  • Industry trend articles written by the agency and bylined by senior management
  • User case study articles, researched, written and placed by the agency

 This kind of publicity can give a new product six to nine months worth of solid press coverage.

For a secondary new product, which will neither warrant nor receive major new product or technology coverage, we recommend starting at the featurette level. This squeezes as much quality editorial coverage as possible out of the new product.

How involved should the company be in the new product and other public relations activities?

This is about a 50/50 proposition.

You have to provide all of the input, including documentation and any applicable interviews, etc. With that information and insight, EOTM can write quality articles that properly project your company, the products, the programs, the technology and your perception of industry trends. Our goal is to ensure your key message comes across.

 What kind of editorial activity should an agency carry out for movie premieres or stage plays?

In many instances, a theatrical play or movie premiere is the deadline management needs to get a product out of development and into production.

This process starts with a comprehensive and attractive press kit that includes:

  • Stock and user photos
  • Summary news releases
  • Production/technology backgrounders
  • Location backgrounders
  • Company backgrounder


After the written materials are produced, we generally focus on setting up a series of interviews.

 What kind of guarantees should a client expect from EOTM on article placements, releases or interviews?

If you believe any agency that guarantees the placement of articles, releases or interviews, then you will be in for a major let down.

You don’t get a guarantee from your lawyer that he’s going to win a case, from a salesperson that they are going to double your sales or from an engineer that he or she is going to develop the next quantum leap forward in technology.

A reputable agency though will only plan and carry out those activities they are highly confident they can achieve. That means they won’t recommend the development of an article they don’t feel they can place or an activity they don’t feel will have a positive impact on your sales and profits.

EOTM will only recommend those things that will achieve mutually agreed upon objectives. We do not practice at our client’s expense; part of our satisfaction is seeing positive results for our client.

How much should a sound public relations program cost a company?

First of all, sound public relations efforts don’t cost a company, they are an investment in the firm’s market position and image and this will translate into increased sales. We’ve seen one too many organization invest $500,000 to develop a product that they think will sell itself.

The investment in a sound public relations program varies; EOTM uses two different compensation schedules. They include:

  • A base counseling fee with all activities/projects billed at an hourly or project fee rate plus out-of-pocket expenses billed at cost
  • Flat fee for all agency time and activities plus out-of-pocket expenses billed at cost

 Over the years, we have evolved to the flat fee approach since it doesn’t produce any financial surprises to management or their accounting when special opportunities arise that we want to take advantage of for the client. And since we only work with companies we can be partners with we don’t mark-up outside purchases. Our goal is to consistently do the best job at the lowest possible cost, free of any consideration of additional compensation from agency mark-up.

Certainly, the fee is based on time and activity. But it also means we focus on results, not how long the meter has been running. A program will generally include:

  • Research and writing any number of news releases a month
  • All special issue/special report activities including interviews and articles
  • Development and placement of one or more major articles a month (technical, technology, industry trend, end user case study)
  • Setting up, coordinating and following up on local editorial meetings throughout the month
  • Complete support at major trade shows, theatrical events, seminars, etc
  • Unlimited counsel
  • At least one annual editorial tour
  • External newsletter/magazine research, writing and production coordination
  • And similar activities/efforts


We look forward to helping to create long term success in all your companies endeavors! 

Carla Barnes

Program Director/Head of Marketing & Branding

Queens of Internet Radio Show

(A broadcast of EOTM Radio & Media, LLC)

Direct (678)548-9466

Fax (678)705-7065

Join us for our New Series – “The World is yours ~ Entrepreneurs on the Move “

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