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Six Flags Magic Mountain roller coaster derails, stranding 23 riders – WATCH NOW - EOTM! Online – New Media Connoisseurs

Six Flags Magic Mountain roller coaster derails, stranding 23 riders – WATCH NOW

By Carla B.

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A roller coaster derailed after striking a tree branch at Magic Mountain theme park in Valencia, CA late Monday. Four park goers had minor injuries and a total of 23 were stranded in mid air for hours, according to Fire Rescue spokesperson, Michael Pittman.

Photo Credit: FOX 29/Twitter

Kevin Takumi, a helicopter photographer, posted dramatic photos on social media sites showing people trapped as emergency responders attempted to free them.

Credit FOX 29/Twitter

Other news reports showed multiple cars on the “Ninja” suspended beneath a track dangling at an angle.

Six Flags website says this about the potentially deadly contraption, which is now ‘temporarily’ closed.

“The black belt of roller coasters whips you into submission”

“There’s a reason Ninja is known as “The Black Belt of Roller Coasters.” This thrill is a suspended swinging roller coaster. There are only four of this kind in the entire U.S. and you’re about to ride one of them. You’re hanging from the track, which on this insane ride is above your head. Shoulder harnesses secure you in place but don’t expect to just sit in one place — you’re going to be swinging all over, a full 90 degrees each way.

Your whole body will swing out to the sides as you take winding snake-like turns at nearly 4G.”

(pretty true statement, eh)

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The derailment is the latest in a series of high-profile roller coaster accidents across the country. Last July, Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington shut down its Texas Giant roller coaster after a woman was thrown from her seat, and a young girl lost both feet on the Superman: Tower of Power ride in 2007. In September 2012 at Knott’s Berry Farm, riders were left dangling at 300 feet for more than three hours when its Windseeker ride broke down.

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