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Lourdes Duque Baron ‘Me & Mr. Jones’ Reviews: What Critics Are Saying

By Carla B.

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 The single is described as ‘a welcome flashback.’


If ever a soul singer had reason to sing from the heart, it’s Lourdes Duque Baron. Her singing career taking off at a time when most people her age are moving to Florida to retire or ….lying back on a beach in Maui sipping Mai Tai’s. Instead this 67 year old sexy and vibrant multifaceted award winning author, Pageant winner, Entrepreneur, Dual Degree earner, Mother, Wife and Mentor has decided to pursue a career in singing….with the hopes of inspiring a few in the process.  The warmth in her big, old-school voice bespeaks faith in the future and looking into her big brown eyes…well…we can see how much she believes and she takes us along for the ride.

Lourdes Duque Baron and Andrew Lane


 Lourdes Duque Baron went into Drew Right Music Studios’ in Los Angeles with the idea to remake the oldie but goodie “Me & Mr. Jones.” Producer Andrew Lane brought in musicians AKNU from X Factor fame along with a full orchestra of celebrated band members…and the group…well…simply put….they made beautiful magic, baby.



Lourdes represents the modern thinking woman’s evolved boho grit and dreams. Not one to buy into the fairy tales, she refuses to surrender the notion that life can be sweet—even as she throws down a gauntlet of how it is and how it’s gonna be over a patchwork of lush balladry, sweet, funky and sleek grooves.

Baron opens with the in-the-moment “Nobody stands in between Me and My Man…It’s Me and Mr. Jones.” Which is as much reportage and witness to her state of life and mind as it is a string and percussion track that gently undulates beneath her boiled wool and sunshine alto flutter before laying it down thick. Moving directly into the Andrew Lane steadfast desire slice of R&B, this is a celebration of life’s sensual reality….a celebration of love and hate… as it is lived.

Lourdes Duque Baron, AKNU and Andrew Lane -- Credit: Getty

With Aretha Franklin frankness, Baron is willing to line it out…and shame him…he has to prove he’s worthy…then serving him up a coquette-ish Betty Boop sweep-out-the-ashes kiss-off over a jaunty ragtime rhythm. And it’s magic baby…pure magic. But you already knew that.

SMS Audio STREET by 50The always progressive Lourdes Duque Baron — Nobody can stand between her and her man.

Her dexterity in juxtaposing genres, infusing her swooping jazz-singing with near-pop fervor, kittenish moans and shameless spoken exhortations is commanding. “Me & Mr. Jones” calls out a lover who oversteps and stumbles without apology or flinching, just as her internal dialogue over the reality of being swept off one’s feet versus the reality of what could be…to reflect the dynamics of dating in the real world.


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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or even — those diva’s in Atlanta….dare I say….has nothing on Lourdes.

So it is with Lourdes Duque Baron… eyes wide open, legs shut until the power of her womanhood is earned. Better than Sex In the City, this is sensuality from a woman whose love deserves to be won, expertly turned over a sampler of modern day soul music. Surrender to her, then let the layers envelope you.

Everything feels generous. From the love for Baron’s band – fantastic backing singers — AKNU — an encore…yes indeed. Nothing here is half done. And most generous of all, of course, is Baron’s voice.


 Music Review: EOTM Media’s Carla B.

 Bestowing 5 out of 5 stars on the single, “Me and Mr. Jones”

“And we loved it all, we applaud her! She creates an improvisational feel in both rhythms and vocals. Lourdes has always been a shining example of creativity in music, and will remain to be the light in a music industry that grows darker and darker in quality and substance.”

Music Review: Sell Out Records

Lourdes Duque Baron Creates a Lavish Cover of Me & Mr. Jones

Lavish may not be the right word, as this is a beautiful and compelling way of introducing the song. Lourdes Duque Baron sings with back up from AKNU, and completely blows me away. I hear a lot of cover songs throughout my writing, and days as a blogger but nothing compares to the way Baron moves through this song. It feels so new, fresh, and completely in tune with the emotional and vibrant connections that comes with soul musicianship. You will be hard pressed to dislike this, as I was taken back to a whole new world upon listening.

From the opening lines of “Nobody stands in between me and my man…it’s me and Mr. Jones”, you immediately feel the presence of the iconic singer’s voice. She does something so well here, and it’s hard to pinpoint what makes it best, as it really does work well in so many different components. Andrew Lane’s production, AKNU’s backdrop, and the way it all pieces together is just astounding.

What truly gets you is the way the music flows amidst her sultry and powerful voice. It dips, and it rises but in such a unique fashion. This is something that only real singers can do, and it’s majestic in a way that you don’t really see often from a lot of other performers. Once you sit down and truly listen to Lourdes Duque Baron’s cover here, you will definitely agree with me, this is an intrepid piece of music and sung by a true master. I loved it, and feel that it needs to get more attention.

You owe it to yourself to listen up, and see this amazing video. The sound alone will amaze you.

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Music News & Review

Lourdes Duque Baron Time Travels in Me & Mr. Jones

Click play on the video, and close your eyes for a moment. You will be taken back to a simpler time, one where pure song structure and voices made the most compelling sounds, and not flash and pop. Lourdes Duque Baron completely transforms the musical landscape of the past into the present and creates a lavish sound that you will fall in love with. The vocals on this cover of “Me & Mr. Jones” is a complete throwback, but done in such a beautiful manner. It’s not presented in a way that loses the momentum of the original, in fact, it creates a compelling nuance that is just lavish to say the least.

It’s funny to hear a lot of people talk about soul artists, but when you hear what is being touted as “soul” today, you get mostly awful quality. That’s not what you get here, you get a proverbial genius of sound, and it’s just amazing. You hear the heart and soul of the vocals here, and Baron knkows how to encapsulate the feelings and emotions that come alongside with the music and lyrics in this song.

AKNU doing back up is perfect, with a true orchestral feel, and just incredible tone quality amidst Andrew Lane’s production. Sometimes with covers you don’t really get that tonality and vocal distinction, but wow, Lourdes Duque Baron completely shatters the notion with serious talent. You’ll hear and feel the words coming through and that’s what makes soul music so grand sometimes. You owe it to yourself to listen closely, as this is a perfect example of taking the past and truly presenting it brand new in the present.

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Music Review Via Miss Paarker (

 You know I love good original music. There is something special when an artist can do a cover to a classic hit! Lourdes Duque Baron covered ‘Me & Mr. Jones’. Now if you know anything about this song, you know that it’s full of great pitches, seductive lines and soul. Baron did her own version that will take you for a stroll down memory lane.. with your Mr. Jones (if you know what I mean).

Here, you can listen to it for yourself!

I give this cover 5 COMPLETE Visionista frames for Soul, Vision and sas! You go Miss Lourdes!

*Clears throat* Can I get cameo?

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Check out Lourdes rendition of Me & Mr. Jones below and please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.





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