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Who is Leyla Ghobadi?

By Tanya Blake

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An up and coming Model Chic working her way up the ladder of Hip Hop Fame & Glory — but can she cash in on infamy?


Canadian model Leyla Ghobadi claims she had an affair with hip hop star Kanye West, even after Kim Kardashian announced that her an West were expecting their first child.  The 24-year-old woman told Star magazine that she and the 36-year-old rapper had an affair after meeting at one of his shows in Atlantic City last year. She claims to have been invited backstage after the show and it was on from there.

Kanye West and Model Leyla Ghobadi after one of his concerts in 2012 - Photo credit: Coleman-Rayner

In the exclusive interview Ghobadi confesses to a year-long affair with West.

True or false, it means the clock is ticking on Ghobadi’s 15 minutes of fame. But at what cost, apparently it really doesn’t matter.

Kim and Kanye baby news


After receiving an enormous amount of backlash after her accusations, which also included that Kanye’s relationship with Kim is strictly for publicity, Leyla responded to questions from inquisitive tweeters. And in one question, she actually apologizes to Kim.

@LeylaGhobadi Leyla, what would you say to kim now if u found yourself in a position to talk to her?

Leyla Ghobadi ‏@LeylaGhobadi 4h
@IMPerel Sorry.

Even if the allegations are true, this apology still doesn’t cut it. Kim, who is nine-months pregnant, she does not deserve this and I am not a Kardashian fan but right is right and wrong is well, its this.
JuiceBeauty.comThe things folks do for fame and money….Smdh.




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