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Twilight Hour – Last day of Alaska Fashion Week

By Carla B.

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The intrepid fashion flock moves ever onwards. As the shows ends in Alaska, flash back with EOTM! Online to see what restrained (mostly!) acts of creativity and more each day in Alaska!


During the last day of fashion shows in Anchorage, Alaska – Leontine Abdullah and S Garvey provided highlights to their spring and summer collections.

S Garvey was up first with clean and rigorous shapes, fresh and modern touches for a true diva. Welcome to the other city that never sleeps…a little something for every party girl and contemporary woman as well. Crumpled linen mixed with leather skins, smock tops, china chic, memorializing the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s and we can’t forget the new age sharp padded shoulder blazers and dresses –   by S. Garvey? Who knew?!

Photo credit: Emi Englis

With Leontine it seemed she set out to distil “a Alaskan soul” via “supple allure” into a house of  exquisite lace and rectangle patterns that popped of brilliant, vibrant colors. As the models strutted the catwalk in her fashions they did so effortlessly, seemingly painting a picture that screamed to buyers, ‘everyone can look this good donning designs by Leontine.’

“I was honored to show my collection at Alaska Fashion Week 2013  because fashion is everywhere and being part of history in the making is an honor to me,” Leontine says.

Whoever has both the taste and the capital to purchase these clothes is very fortunate..indeed.

S Garvey Collection

S Garvey Collection

Alaska might be the last city you would think of to have a Fashion Week itinerary, but it’s front rows were lined with famous fashion fans on the final day of the collections. Celebrities spotted  were Rick Mora, Stephanie Erb, Judi Shekoni and Marisa Quinn.

This event is sure to make those in Anchorage proud with the new arrival of Alaska Fashion Week. For years you have heard of fashion weeks around the world with major talk in the media about the Paris and New York shows. But, let the truth be told more and more cities around the world have joined in producing exclusive fashion shows that showcase local, national and international designers for department stores, clothing boutiques, celebrity stylists and fashion enthusiasts.

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So, for that reason the producers of AFW felt that the time is now for Alaska to join in on the world fashion scene. If you missed it this year, be sure not to next year.
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