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EOTM Awards Announces New ‘Entrepreneurship’ Categories

The EOTM Awards honors those who pursue their vision and their passion….

LOS ANGELES (EPR) – The Voting Committee of the EOTM Awards (Entrepreneurs On The Move) adds additional entrepreneurship categories to the annual awards show.

 EOTM’s Company of the Year – Company must have a fully marketable product or service and a high degree of market acceptance. Companies in this category must also have revenues in excess of $5 Million and if not profitable, are generating cash flow and are financially self-sustaining.

 Lifetime Achievement Award in Entrepreneurship – The  Lifetime Achievement in Entrepreneurship recognizes entrepreneurial excellence as reflected in the individual’s success in business and significant impact on their given industry. Nominees must have had a long career of entrepreneurial achievements that place them in the top echelon of their peers.

Carla B., Creative Director of the EOTM’s announced the news today via PRWeb.

“In the spirit of entrepreneurship and the mere fact that the awards show was created to celebrate entrepreneurship as a whole, we felt it necessary to add additional categories honoring exemplars that garnish the power to inspire future generations. Honoring them allows us to continue with our mission, ‘Encouraging, Enlightening and Empowering minds. Raising our glass to those that exude unconventional bravado, uncommon intensity of focus and the unwavering belief of a dream,” Ms. B. continued.

Previously the entrepreneurship category had only Entrepreneur of the Year (Men) & Entrepreneur of the Year (Women).

To nominate a worthy entrepreneur please click here to be redirected to the EOTM Awards site. There is no fee to submit in this category.

Join EOTM on August 4th at the beautiful Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California as they chronicle authors, entertainers, film-makers, fashion, lifestyle, new media, small business and more — born from good ole entrepreneur spirit.

About the EOTM Awards
The EOTM Awards is an accolade presented by the EOTM Radio & TV Network celebrating entrepreneurial achievements and performances in business, philanthropy and the arts (recordings, television, radio, and literature, film, directing and writing). The EOTM Awards Show will also present “Christopher Kennedy Lawford” to key individuals and organizations that promote human rights and social justice.Please visit to find out more about the show – Follow on Twitter @EOTMAwards & Facebook @EOTMAwards
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