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Celeb Pic of the Day: Kelly Ripa – Flashback - EOTM! Online – New Media Connoisseurs

Celeb Pic of the Day: Kelly Ripa – Flashback

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Kelly Ripa and Husband Mark Consuelos recently celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary and shared a never seen before wedding pic with their fans on Twitter.

Ripa tweeted:

 ”I love you @MarkConsuelos happy anniversary! 17 years feels like 17 days.”

She then tweeted the photo (below) of her and Consuelos on their wedding day with the caption, “Omg. Here it is. 5/1/96.”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos - Twitter/Kelly Ripa


Consuelos tweeted back, “Happy 17 th anniversary to my boo @KellyRipa..”

And we thought..omg…’priceless’ and had to add this to our celeb pic of the day.

Congrats Kelly and Mark!

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