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Malcolm Jamal Warner on Regina King split UPDATE: “We are Good” - EOTM! Online – New Media Connoisseurs

Malcolm Jamal Warner on Regina King split UPDATE: “We are Good”

 UPDATE: Despite previous reports, Regina King took to her Twitter account on March 22 to clear the air on her relationship with Malcolm-Jamal Warner.


If at first you don’t succeed, try again and try again. That’s true for everything, including Hollywood breakups.

Malcolm Jamal Warner is speaking out about his recent break up with actress Regina King, according to the US Weekly and the former child star is not holding back, telling friends “I wasn’t feeling it anymore,” and apparently King is heartbroken.

Malcolm Jamal Warner and Regina King in happier times. Photo credit: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

According to the media outlets source Warner was at the helm of the break up and also asked King to move out of the home they shared.

The two have been friends since the 1980s when both were child TV stars — Warner on The Cosby Show and King on 227 — the twosome only rarely opened up about their romance. “I believe the universe has a plan, and we probably wouldn’t have been ready years ago. We both had to do whatever we had to do to be ready for each other now,” Jerry Maguire actress King told Parade in January 2012.
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“We like to protect what we have because it’s very special and very precious,” Warner told BET in October 2011. “But I will say that it’s a relationship that makes all the sense in the world.” - View Photos of Singles Free
King divorced Ian Alexander Sr. after a decade of marriage back in 2007. Warner has never wed and has no children.



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