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Indie Horror “Found” receives 2 EOTM Award Nominations | Film News - EOTM! Online – New Media Connoisseurs

Indie Horror “Found” receives 2 EOTM Award Nominations | Film News

New Awards to recognize the best Indie Horrors of 2012


The EOTM Award film nominations in the horror genre are steadily being submitted and according to the Executive Producer, Carla B., the EOTM’s “plan on showcasing horror in a big way,” offering nods in the over 9 categories.

Credit: IMDB

And one thing you can count on for sure (or almost) in all the hum-bug of it all….is horror fans will more than likely see many of their favorites honored at the EOTM’s inaugural event.

Scott Schirmer’s film “Found” is up for two nominations, Best Director in a indie horror and Ethan Philbeck received a Best Actor nod. The movie won for best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor at Elvira’s Horror Hunt last year.

According to IMDB, Found is based on the novel by Todd Rigney, centering around Marty, a shy, bullied fifth-grader who takes refuge in horror films… until his life turns into one.

After finding a human head in his brother’s closet, Marty fears for the safety of his family while making a desperate effort to reconnect with Steve, the big brother whose homicidal cravings threaten to destroy life as Marty knows it.

Order Away from the World today from the Dave Matthews Band Store!Other horrors that are up for nominations are SLINK, which is up for two, Best Director & Best Scream Film. Director James Cullen Bressack is in the running in two categories as well, Best Scream Indie Film – My Pure Joy and Best Director for Hate Crime and Gregory Blair for the indie horror ‘Deadly Revisions.’


Check out a partial list of the categories:

  • Award for Best Director
  • Best Scream Film
  • Best Villain
  • Best Horror Film
  • Outstanding leading Actress in a Horror Film
  • Outstanding leading Actor in a Horror Film
  • Best supporting Actress in a Horror
  • Best supporting Actor in a Horror
  • Best Horror Soundtrack

The EOTM Awards are an accolade presented by the EOTM Radio & TV Network celebrating entrepreneurial achievements and performances in business, philanthropy and the arts (recordings, television, radio, literature, film, directing and writing).

For more information on the EOTM Awards visit – If you are a legitimate industry taste-maker and would like to nominate a horror film please visit the awards site and click on the nomination process for details.

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