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2013 EOTM Award Nominated Songs| Hip Hop | Conscious Rap

The 2013 EOTM Awards are still months away but nominations are already flooding in from entertainment taste-makers hoping to help their clients catch a big win. The awards season is a great time to get dressed up, mingle with peers, strut the red carpets and after parties, all those things are somewhat what entertainers live for, but there is something else that gets ignored in all the festivities. That would be shining light on individuals that may not have had all the mainstream success the music industry has to offer…however…its by choice…in many instances. Those artists that decide to keep it positive, never selling out for success, but desperately pushing music that matters.

Sony Creative Software Inc. EOTM commends those artists who focuses on building bridges and connecting with the hip hop community positively and urges music lovers to step up and do the same.


Talib Kweli, is just one of the many artists that have been nominated for an EOTM Award. These individuals breathe all things conscious.

We hope you join us as we commend and honor these phenomenal entertainers. Kweli is nominated for best rap song/conscious single ‘Distractions’.
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