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The Kick it Spot presents “Salute to Heroes” with Joe Antouri, Joe Newman & Don Sanchez- LA Fitness Expo – Hollywood Buzz - EOTM! Online – New Media Connoisseurs

The Kick it Spot presents “Salute to Heroes” with Joe Antouri, Joe Newman & Don Sanchez- LA Fitness Expo – Hollywood Buzz

This week on radio show The Kick it Spot they focus on fitness as Teangelo Live will attend the Los Angeles Fitness Expo.  Also this week the host introduces a new segment, Salute to Heroes, which honors our military heroes; presented by Veterans Supplemental Support Network (  To salute our heroes we have special guests Joe Antouri, Joe Newman and Don Sanchez.

The Kick it Spot is excited to announce that our host, Teangelo, will cover this year’s Los Angeles Fitness Expo as they celebrate their 10th Year Anniversary.  Teangelo Live will have a booth with VSSN and Pro PTA. This event takes place on Saturday, January 19 & Sunday, January 20.  Be sure to stop by and visit the Teangelo Live booth where professional athletes and celebrities interviews will be happening.  The Fitness Expo is fun for the entire Family!

The Kick it Spot presents “Salute to Heroes”

“Salute to Heroes” is a social platform where celebrities and professional athletes can salute our military, veterans and their families as these individuals have fought and sacrificed a great deal for the freedoms we are afforded today.

To help us salute our heroes this week we have CEO of Personal Trainers Association (Pro PTA) (, Joe Antouri.  Being in the Fitness and Nutrition industries for over 30 years Antouri has gained an extensive academic and experience in nutrition counseling, Joe created Fit Gum and was Mr. USA; in addition, Pro PTA has evolved to being the Harvard of certification in the world.  To join Antouri is Joe Newman the Co-founder and CEO of the American Basketball Association ( and was formerly owner of the Indiana Legends. Thirdly, Don Sanchez the CEO of the Hollywood Magic Celebrity Pro Basketball Team and Owner and Head Coach of the Los Angeles SLAM (
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All this and more on radio show “The Kick it Spot” – Thursday, January 17 @ 8pm PST.  Be sure to tune in as we talk fitness, Hollywood gossip, and salute our American heroes.

Radio phone line – 718-664-6543; call in and chat with the guests and host.

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