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The Kick it Spot: Chris Brown vs. Frank Ocean, Super Bowl, American Idol, Racist? College Expo – WIN FREE Tickets!! - EOTM! Online – New Media Connoisseurs

The Kick it Spot: Chris Brown vs. Frank Ocean, Super Bowl, American Idol, Racist? College Expo – WIN FREE Tickets!!

Published by EOTM News Editor on January 29th, 2013 - in Entertainment News, EOTM Radio, Press Releases

On Thursday, January 31st on “The Kick it Spot” your host Teangelo will talk to Theresa Price, the founder of the Black College Expo. Get ready as the Black College expo will be returning to Los Angeles for its 14th year!  Don’t miss this exciting show as you, the listeners, will have an opportunity to WIN FREE tickets to this amazing event.  Inside the Celebrity Hub Teangelo discusses the hottest new events & celebrity happenings; Super bowl half time show, Chris Brown & Frank Ocean’s altercation, and the American Idol racist scandal.  And with Valentine’s Day closely approaching, are you ready to make this V-Day memorable for your special someone? Tune in as Teangelo talks about his top 5 romantic spots and get-a-ways.



It’s that time of the year, but before you think, “Who am I taking to the prom?” or, “What am I going to wear?” seniors should be thinking, “Where am I going after graduation?”  Each year thousands of students attend the Black College Expo ( searching for information concerning financial aid, scholarships, admission advice, and career assistance.  Theresa Price and her team have designed multiple programs, such as The College Expo, Black College Expo, and Career/ Internship & Vocational Expo, which are designed to help students and their families with resources, information and connections to help students become productive citizens in a diverse and competitive world.  This year 5,000 high school seniors and college transfer students will bring their transcripts and SAT/ACT scores to be accepted “On the Spot” to a university or scholarship program.  To ensure your youth attends this event listen live for your chance to WIN 2 FREE tickets to this motivating expo.

Rent Audiobooks at BooksfreeAll this and more on radio show “The Kick it Spot” – Thursday, January 31 @ 8pm PST.  Be sure to tune in as we talk about love, Hollywood happenings, the Black College Expo & FREE TICKET Give-a-Way.

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