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Nick Stahl arrested on suspicion of lewd conduct

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According to a LAPD police report Nick Stahl was arrested on suspicion of lewd conduct at an adult movie store in Hollywood on Thursday.

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The same unit arrested actor Fred Willard in July at the Tiki Theater off of Santa Monica Blvd. Willard was told he could avoid a criminal trial if he completed a diversion program, wonder if the same will apply for Stahl.

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office on Friday was said to be reviewing whether to file a misdemeanor charge against Stahl, who appeared in “Terminator 3″ among other movies. This is the  latest problem for the embattled actor.

Back in May he disappeared, prompting a search for him on skid row by the LAPD.

His family told police that Stahl had a history of frequenting skid row, and LAPD officials said officers who work the downtown beat were given copies of his photo and told to keep an eye out for him. He eventually turned up.



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