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Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee in the face – Caught on Video

Katt Williams, 39, comedian/actor is at it again. A video posted on Sunday shows Williams in an altercation with a Target employee whereas he is being very aggressive. The employee can be seen acting conciliatory, putting his hands on his chest, before the comedian strikes him in the face.

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There’s no audio, so it is unclear what caused the attack. After the punch, the employee pulls out his phone and, according to an eyewitness, called police.

This comes just days after Williams evaded arrest after leading police on motorbike chase in California. Police said the comedian was spotted driving a three-wheeled Can-Am motorcycle on a sidewalk near the state capitol building in Sacramento, initiating a chase at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

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The officer activated the lights and siren on the car in an attempt to get Williams to stop, but the comedian rode away and later turned onto another street. The pursuit lasted for two minutes. Williams at one point turned to the officer and said “I’m not going to stop,” and the comedian also ran several red lights, according to police. Officers eventually stopped pursuing Williams to protect the safety of bystanders in the area.




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