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Hayden Panettiere unharmed in car crash

Actress Hayden Panettiere escaped unharmed in a recent car crash in Nashville. The young starlet caused a bit of a chaos in the Tennessee city, when she hit a car that unexpectedly drove into her lane after she allegedly ran a red light.

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According to gossip website, an eyewitness told police that the former ‘Heroes’ beauty would never have crashed if she had not broken the red light.

According to the official report, Hayden Panettiere’s car crash in a BMW, is reported to have run a red light on November 14th. At the exact same moment, the other driver, who owned a Geo Prism, was making an illegal turn into the “Nashville” actress’ lane at the unfortunate exact moment that Panettiere was running a red light. Hayden Panettiere, the former star of such shows as “Heroes,” tore through the intersection in the right lane while the other driver made a left turn into her lane when it should’ve turned into the left lane.
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No one was injured in the accident.



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