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EOTM Radio Broadcast for the Week of Aug 25 - EOTM! Online – New Media Connoisseurs

EOTM Radio Broadcast for the Week of Aug 25

 Live and upcoming talk radio podcasts – via EOTM Internet Radio

This is the current weeks schedule of the syndicated EOTM Radio Network  of shows — broadcast for the week of August 25th — with some new and classic Hip-Hop, Pop & Fusion Music, entertainment news,fashion hits and misses,author interviews, progressive talk, commentary and more from your favorite EOTM radio EJay’s.

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 Since February 2007, EOTM Media Group aka EOTM Radio & Media, LLC has become the new voice of the Entrepreneur. With their innovative approach to integrating engaging entertainment interviews with equally alluring informative business, pop culture, urban views, music,film, political and cultural segments under the EOTM Radio network. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, EOTM has helped to pioneer the “New Media” industry and has most definitely carved the acronym into the granite, with a new more popular meaning that is sure to hold the reigns for years to come. “Entrepreneurs on the Move”. EOTM is documenting the present successes and triumphs of our community, by building on the accomplishments of the past and helping to seek higher levels of success for the future.

They are actively involved in the transformation, by shaping and perpetuating the continuity of their communities and abroad. EOTM is the premiere agency helping individuals and businesses manage news, generate buzz and land major media attention.

EOTM covers not just the lives of the famous; they highlight and give much needed attention to the everyday entrepreneur in communities and around the world. They are creating generational traditions with their annual Celebrating the Queens in our Communities Awards Gala, E! Music Business Empowerment Conference, Roc the Mic talent shows, EOTM Mixers, Get in the Game events and radio talk shows such as the Queens of Internet Radio Show, The Rahn Anthoni and Mother Jenkins Gospel Show, The Conscious Hip Hop Series, E! Buzz ntertainment Shows,The Stunnaz Mag LIVE Show, The Don Adams Jr Show, The Steven Knight Show, The Tre Luv Show, The Queen G Talk Show,EOTM Music Critiques, Grandma Grip Comedy Shows, Mixture of Arts, The World is Yours Business Hour, The Kick it Spot, Smooth Latte’, Let’s Face Reality,Musical Madness with Dzire, The Sassy Diva Show, The HotWire Report, Greg Reifsteck Movie Maniacs, Love, Hate & The Dance Between Them.

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