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Bishop Eddie Long -Accuser Jamal Parris talks with Carla B. about new book “Signs of a Predator” - EOTM! Online – New Media Connoisseurs

Bishop Eddie Long -Accuser Jamal Parris talks with Carla B. about new book “Signs of a Predator”

Published by EOTM News Editor on August 4th, 2012 - in Breaking News, EOTM News, EOTM Radio

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Bishop Eddie LongAccuser Jamal Parris recently visited Carla B.’s E! Buzz via EOTM Radio to talk about his new book – “Signs of a Predator,” being a father to his new baby boy and how life after the Bishop has changed him …forever.

(EOTM Media – Los Angeles) For the first time, one of the men that filed suit against Bishop Eddie Long is speaking out on Carla B’s E! Buzz about his new book,”Signs of a Predator”. In an exclusive interview with EOTM Radio & Media’s network, Jamal Parris shares what he has been up to the past two years since the story broke, of the “love-hate” relationship with a man… he called daddy.

According to Parris, Signs of a Predator, is not a tell all, it’s not a ticky tacky gossip spread. It is…however… a guide to healing.

Jamal Parris talks about his new book "Signs of a Predator"with Carla B. - Photo credit: Jamal Parris

Jamal Parris takes his readers into the mindset of a predator, he talks to the victims and helps navigate them through the mixed assortment of feelings and stages of acceptance. In turn helping families rebuild relationships, and understanding the mindset of a predator. Which can help save the already fragile lives of many of our youth.

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“Many people see things as black and white, but in the mind of a predator, things may be gray, there comes a sense of justification. Our goal is not only to address a problem but to bring healing.Out motto is care to cure,” Jamal Parris said.

Listen to the full interview now on EOTM Radio.

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Please visit My Stolen Innoncence to learn more about the “Signs of a Predator”.

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