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EOTM New Music Critiques: Steven Knight

Submission Guidelines: There is no fee or charge to get a EOTM New Music Critique on EOTM’s Entertainment Blog. We critique recordings that have yet to connect with an established label or distributor. To be considered please click the New Music Critiques Boxon the right side panel and include your name, email and link to your music page. In the contents box please include your style of music, what you are seeking; label, booking, etc.  All submissions are randomly reviewed, if you are chosen to be critiqued we will contact you by phone or email via the information you’ve included. Because of the amount of submissions we receive we cannot guarantee that everyone will be critiqued. If your music does have distribution with an established distributor, it is not eligible for EOTM’s New Music Critiques, instead it may be eligible for our CD Reviews section.





Seeking: Promotions, Bookings, Radio play and Sponsorship

Style: R&B

Production – 8

Lyrics – 9

Music – 8

Vocals – 8

Musicianship – 9



Steven Knight’s “Forever” flaunts success and sensitivity. The uniqueness in Knight’s voice is carried over to perfection. His vocal range is amazing and speaks volumes to R&B fans. Knight is technically a superb singer, packing sleek, snappy singles with dozens of great punch lines. (“Together we can do anything, so eternal feels like infinity…baby I run till the end of time….”)

Forever is a good start of “A Day In The Knight,” we can only imagine what the full album may bring.

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