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Support EOTM Radio’s Annual Fundraiser – Donate or Sponsor a Radio Program Today - EOTM! Online – New Media Connoisseurs

Support EOTM Radio’s Annual Fundraiser – Donate or Sponsor a Radio Program Today

EOTM offers corporate partnership through investor relations for companies seeking to strengthen their relationship with EOTM’s partners and affiliates.

Call 213-290-3573 and ask about Premium Listings

EOTM launched a successful fundraiser in March 2010 in Atlanta honoring and highlighting the annual, “Celebrating The Queen’s in our Communities”.

This year they are getting back to business basics and looking to open their brand new 5,000 square foot office located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California that will become the companies new corporate office.

EOTM Radio is a for profit radio station on air since February 2007 producing over 900 radio shows and has become the new voice of the entrepreneur, click here to download a copy of our media kit.

The vision of EOTM is to set the gold standard in new media, agency performance, combining
collective talents and resources that can quite possibly reshape and change lives. Continuing with their mission, to be positive influencers and a valuable resource for entrepreneurs on the move globally.

The company is currently seeking available options to raise capital from Equity Funding, Venture Capital, Angel and Private Equity to fuel a national expansion project in Atlanta, Georgia and Beverly Hills, California.

In order to keep EOTM Radio going we rely on you, our listeners and sponsors to help us continue for another 4 years.

We ask that, if you listen to EOTM Radio and enjoy any of the programs please take a moment to help us financially.

DONATIONS:  If you would like to donate to the radio station or our blog, click on the PayPal button below!  Any donations are greatly appreciated, and they help to ensure that the blog and radio station stay updated and provide the latest information in streaming media to you!

SPONSORS/ADVERTISERS:  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or advertiser of the blog or radio station, email pr@eotmradio dot com . We can design a customized advertising/marketing campaign to positively impact your bottom line.

There are several ways you can help us today. You can donate by using your credit card or debit card securely and conveniently using Paypal. Just click on the button below to make a donation.

If you don’t possess a credit card or debit card you can always send a personal check. Please email at pr@eotmradio dot com for more details.

We hope you have found value in the services we provide and that you’ll become one of our financial supporters, helping us to continue providing this service.



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  1. Great sponsorship project. Nice choice of deal.

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